Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day

 This was supposed to post Monday morning.  Not sure why it didn't.  Hmmm.

#2 and #4 dragged these old pieces of carpet from the driveway (where they got dropped when I pulled them out of the perennial bed) to the garden. We placed them over the last section of the garden to be planted. I might as well keep the weeds at bay while I can.
A trillium making an appearance in the perennial bed.  Not sure how it ended up so close to a strawberry.
This might be a trillium getting ready to flower. The leaves might have some frost damage. Time will tell.
Unknown greenery coming up beside the Umbrella plant. Strange little thing.
I spent the morning puttering in the garden while Husband and #1 got the white quad running again.  Carburetor.  The trails are really dusty, and everything gets bogged down by sand.  #2 put in another fence post beside the garden shed, where the fence was sagging.

#3 grabbed the hoe, and he and I went walk about through the forest garden and emptied the rest of my jar of old pumpkin seeds.  If they grow we should have pumpkins popping up everywhere!  #3 found the hoeing much easier in the soft forest earth, and has requested a walk with watermelon seeds.  There's a small patch of trees in the clearing just below the forest garden, between the trails that might work well for watermelon.

Later in the afternoon we met my parents for a long quad ride in the woods.  Seeing the lakes made the boys start itching to go swimming, but I declared it too early in the season.  While some afternoons have us down to t-shirts, we're still mostly in sweaters and jeans.  Not quite swimming weather, regardless of how inviting it looks.

It was a nice ride and a lovely afternoon. I found some cute little white flowers on a vine in the woods and brought some home to transplant. I'm not sure what they are. I've been looking online, but haven't been able to match them with a picture.

Home for supper, the boys cooked taco salad. Then I tried to keep my eyes open for three hours of Survivor and two hours of Desperate Housewives. I didn't quite make it, and now I may never know the ending to life on Wisteria Lane.


  1. That lake does look inviting! There are mystery plants that only come up where I have worn a path from the front yard to side door, about 15 feet of bare ground. At least it won't be muddy. #3 like the easy ground in the woods? I don't blame him. How many four-wheelers do you have?

    1. Husband, #1, #4 and I each have our own. We traded an old truck for the white quad a few months ago. It's kind of a spare, unless #2 or #3 decide they want to buy it from us.

  2. It's me again. above. Do you have pumpkin and watermelon seeds that fare well that far north, or will any do?

    1. Nope, lol. Pumpkins and watermelons both require longer growing seasons. I normally start pumpkins inside, and had given up on watermelons years ago. The year I actually had pumpkins grow to a reasonable size and ripen, I had started pinching off all of the new flowers in July. Last year the plants were huge and vigorous, so I let them grow, and we only had about 12 tiny pumpkins.

      I'll try the flower pinching through the forest garden, if they come up, and leave the ones in the back field to do their thing. The back field is intended to be mostly critter food, so any and all harvest there is a bonus prize to the garden.