Friday, May 11, 2012

This and That

I decided to seek out some help in the garden. Since it's early yet, with the peas just planted, and not sprouted, and only one turkey, I figured it should be safe to let these guys in.
They haven't got a bit of green left/yet in their pen.  They enjoyed a sunny afternoon in the garden.  They surprised me with the amount of time they actually spent going through the freshly plowed garden.  I thought they would be more interested in the grass and weeds on the sides.  They must have found some nice bugs to munch on.

The brooder boxes are all cleaned out, and the poultry moved in.  The turkeys seem to be enjoying the bigger space.
The chicks are pretty comical.  I saved a box of sawdust and shavings from dad's shop last year, and a box of bark and chainsaw shavings.  It was just enough to fill their brooder box.  They are so funny to watch, scratching through on one side, and then running over to the other side and scratching through it.  It's like a whole different world over there!

I spread most of last year's brooder bedding around the currents, and the rest in greenhouse #1.
Then I started raking up the wood chips, bark, and saw dust from the two spots on the lawn where we cut firewood.  That's going around the asparagus between the greenhouses.

I planted one bunch of what is hopefully English Thyme in the perennial bed.  Hopefully, because I can't believe my own stupidity!  I had taken a few seedlings out of their original plant trays because they were hitting the tray lid, and moved them to a tray without a lid.  I wrote it down when I moved them.  And then I lost the paper!!  So I have this tray of mixed seedlings that are all doing really well, and I'm guessing what is what!  I covered it with a pop bottle top.

I also have a tire in my garden.  One big tractor tire.  Husband filled it with compost, and I topped it with wood chips and bark.  I am debating what to plant in it.  At first I was thinking something perennial or biennial would be good.  I was kind of leaning towards parsnips, but it's kind of small for that.  Then I thought it might be a good spot for garlic.  The last time I tried garlic it didn't over winter well, and we really only got about one clove back for each clove that I planted.  Then I thought it might be good for green onions.  Husband and the boys are always walking on things and complaining they can't find the onions.  If they were in the tire they'd be easy to find, and other veggies would be safe.  The more I debate it, the more I think I should find more tires.  There are so many possibilities!


  1. "It's like a whole different world over there." That is so true with chicks or hens. I loved watching my chicks. It seemed that someone who discovered a new place was joined by the throng to see a new discovery. The hens usually stay together, rushing about to see what the one who strayed has found.

    Shiloh is a beautiful name for a beautiful horse.

    Mother knows best when it comes to the company her child