Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Square Foot Greenhouse

I started 18 inches from the back wall, then put nails every 12 inches along both sides of greenhouse #2. Then I ran string from side to side, nail to nail, marking off one foot spaces.

The logs and landscape cloth are already spaced 2 feet apart, so. I chose not to run string in the opposite direction.

Now I'm removing the landscape cloth for planting. I'll cut 12" squares to fill the spaces where tomato plants are intended to go in a few weeks.

Sorry for the short posts, single pictures. My internet is down and I'm posting from my phone.


  1. this is awesome Wendy! hopefully we'll be building our greenhouse soon! got some more stuff planted outside again today - woohoo! keep us updated on your sq. ft. greenhouse!

    your friend,

    1. Why, thank you, kymber! First 'update' posted, lol. I'm going to try putting everything I had planned into this greenhouse, except for the tomatoes. Well, that, and adjusting for my misjudgement of space... I'll keep them inside for a few weeks yet. I have lost a couple of those doomed cucumbers, but most of them are pulling through, despite a couple of heavy frosts.