Sunday, May 6, 2012


Yesterday morning I moved a lot of firewood.  I'm pretty sure I only had one strawberry planted here along the fence line, so I figured it would be a good spot to dump the compost.
And there it is, the first bucket of sweet black earth.  Ignore my recycling bin in the background.  I haven't been to the dump yet this year (no local pick up).  My car has no brakes.  That might have to be another weekend job for Husband.
As Husband kept moving compost, I kept moving firewood, spreading the compost, and filling in around the identified plants.  I laid out more firewood where I had placed carpet last year (to kill the grass).  Husband dropped more compost on top of it.  The Bigs helped me move some larger pieces of firewood to finish the path across the bed, and then we made a path along the side of the rhubarb.
I have three new spots, between the rhubarb patches, ready for planting, lots of compost ready to work with, and more firewood to move.

My raised bed in the garden took 6 buckets to fill.  We added a cross piece in the middle for support.
Cover and bake @ 350 until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.
Oh, wait.  Not a cake.  How long do I bake it?  I want the earth to warm, the weeds to germinate, and then fry.  At least a week or two, I guess.

#1 manned the gate most of the day, and no critters escaped.  #2 cleaned the chimneys.  #4 worked for grandma, picking rocks, and helped me with compost spreading.  #3 needs to get his arse outside!  That boy is going to be white as a ghost!

More compost to move today, and the garden to plow.


  1. Obviously, I need helpers! That looks great. Those are huge logs you all moved. Did I say I love rhubarb?

    1. Helpers definitely get the job done faster. Another blog I read just did a work party. They've found a group of people who've all agreed to go to each other's places once a month and work together on whatever needs doing for a few hours, followed by a pot luck lunch. You could try something like that. If you could find a few people who understand why you have eggs in your pocket. ;)

      The logs aren't that heavy. Softwood.

      Rhubarb is great!

    2. Wendy,
      The old-fashioned, barn-raising type sounds great. You can see from the picture I am not keeping up on eating eggs.

  2. just when i think i am doing well and moving along nicely, i read your blog and tuck my tail between my legs..

    that bed is AMAZING wendy - i gave a severe case of raised-bed envy!

    oh well, back to my tires ;-)


    1. lol. Thanks jambaloney! Just think what you could accomplish with a couple of teenagers following you around!