Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Little Rain

Wild weather in the north the past couple of days, but not at my house.  There were tornado and thunderstorm warnings Tuesday night.  Rumour has it a tornado touched down three hours away.  Forest fires have been breaking out every where, and most of the province is under a fire ban until further notice.  Down pours of rain in the neighbouring areas.

At my house, the temperature has taken a nose dive.  0°C last night, rain off and on, 3°C right now, high of 15°C today.  It feels very cold after the warm weather we've been having.  It is supposed to warm back up for the weekend. 

Yesterday I accomplished next to nothing.  I did bake 10 loaves of bread, and washed a mountain of dishes (I tend to get a little behind on the house stuff when I'm puttering in the garden), but every time I looked out, saw the sun, and thought I should go do something, it started to rain.

I transplanted another hollyhock and two more nasturdiums in the perennial bed, along with a little something else?!  It looks similar to the English Thyme, but the leaves are slightly different shaped.  That's the last of the tray of mixed plants, and I still haven't found the paper.  And I got rained on.

I checked on the greenhouse, and everything transplanted on Tuesday seems to be doing well.  I started working the next section, loosening the dirt, pulling weeds.  I started walking back to the house to get my seeds, and I got rained on.

I went out to pick dandelion greens for the doggy stew, and I got rained on.

I went out to pick dandelion buds for supper, and I got rained on.  I stuck it out through the rain, and got two nice handfuls to toss into a partridge stew.

Twice through the afternoon the rain turned to tiny balls of hail, and Husband said at one point it was wet snow at one point, but I missed that.

So, after all of that rain, you'd think we'd be tramping through fields of mud now, right?  Not a chance.  The garden is still dry, dry, dry.  The grass is looking a little happier now.  Hopefully it will grow in lush and thick.  I doubt it was enough to make any difference in the woods.


  1. You accomplished "next to nothing" and baked 10 loaves of bread? You have got to be That sounds like lots to me.

    I understand the mountain of dishes. Don't you have a couple of dishwashers living with you?

    You sound very damp with all the rain you experienced. It's too bad the garden did not get enough. Years ago, I spent 8 hours a day for a week in the rain, cleaning out the jungle on one side of my yard. I actually like doing it in the rain because bugs did not bite.

    You get so much accomplished! I am in awe!

    1. lol. Oh, Linda... I am sad to say that my boys eat such an incredible amount of food in a day, that baking 10 loaves of bread is not an accomplishment. It's only one extra batch than my normal 6 loaves every other day. And I get an extra loaf because I have to use a couple of smaller pans. And, sadly, the mountain of dishes goes with the non stop appetites.

      If I get really busy, backed up, or bitchy, all of the boys will wash dishes. You can even eat off the ones that #2 washes. #1 leaves a lot of gunk on stuff (the blind child). #3 is lazy and doesn't care, so his dishes are always slimy. #4 gets distracted and starts playing in the sink. It's easier if I wash the dishes myself. Besides, they do so much MANLY work around here, I figure I owe them an occasional hot meal on a clean plate. ;)

      I don't mind working in a steady warm rain, but when it's cold I'm a wimp. If it's not a steady rain, all of the bugs come out to feast between the rain drops.