Friday, May 11, 2012


Yes, he named this sweet baby after a dog.  The runner up was Shikoaka, so it may not be a bad choice.  Sweet dog, rather than big evil dog.  The little filly perked her ears up at Shiloh, so it's sticking.
Knightmare is very protective.  She's fine with us loving on her little one, but no other critter is allowed near her, not even Tori.
Shiloh is very friendly and curious.  She introduced herself to Nelly.  Knightmare went after Nelly.  Nelly ran away.  She went to meet the kids.  Knightmare chased off all the goats.
Now how could she think that these two little ones were going to hurt her baby?  I'm hoping she settles down in the next couple of days.
Because Shiloh really wants to make friends, but her mother wants to keep her all to herself.

We spent the day cleaning up the yard and repairing the barbed wire fence around it.  If Knightmare doesn't settle down, she and Shiloh can move in there for awhile.  They'll be closer to us for lots of loving, and the rest of the critters will be safe from Knightmare.

Shiloh has four white socks, some white on her chest, most of her belly, the goofy blaze, and just a touch in her mane.  Which leads us to a theory of her origins.

There are a few livestock haulers who frequent our auction, as well as several other auctions.  Sometimes they pick up critters cheap at one auction, and haul them to another auction for a quick resale and profit.  Sometimes they keep those critters at their farms for a couple of weeks.  The guy who hauls my critters home for me does this a lot.  It was one of those guys who brought Knightmare in to the sale.

The day we bought Knightmare, there was a little paint stallion up for sale as well.  I remember him, because #2 had this crazy idea that I should buy him.

May 18th would have been exactly full term to the day we bought her.  Shiloh was born just 8 days shy of that.

So our theory is, that the little paint stallion spent some time in a pasture somewhere with Knightmare just before the sale.

It's just a theory, and we could be off our rockers.  They could have come from the same farm.  Or Shiloh's daddy could be a whole different horse.  But it's fun to imagine how she came to be.

Thanks for all of the name suggestions!  My favourite was Sharlotte (Charlotte's Web is STILL one of my favourite books!)  And I think it would make a very fine name for a little heifer calf.  Fingers crossed!


  1. Yep,she looks like a Shiloh. Good choice #2. In one of those pics it looks like Knightmare is dappled. Is she? She's such a beauty and sounds like a good mama too. What a great buy...two for the price of one!
    BTW the place is looking good too.

    1. I noticed the dapple myself recently. I think it's just the way her winter coat is coming out, because she seemed pretty solid chestnut last year, but it does look like little spots. Thank you! Still a lot of clean up to get done.