Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another Surprise

In the perennial bed. Does anybody know what this is? It's stem is kind of woody. Could be a baby poplar for as much as I know. For now it gets some compost and left in place.


  1. I think you'll have to wait a little bit before you can really tell. I think poplars have a wider leaf. Do you have oaks or chestnuts in your area? Really, ANY tree is a good thing as long as its in the right spot. Boy, does that dirt (compost?) look good!

    1. No oaks or chestnuts- just pine, poplar and birch. Maybe a cherry or a lilac. A random apple seed? It's too close to the house for a tree to live. I'll leave it for a bit and see what it does.

      Thank you! The dirt is 1 year old manure and hay, composted. It really is amazing stuff! I need to dump a load or two over the older asparagus patch.

  2. nice looking compost for sure - mail us some for teh huggie cultures ;-)))

    my 2 cents would be a lesser know maple of some sort (red maple?) not a poplar from what i can tell - you'll have to wait - keep us updated.


  3. lol! Air mail or express post?

    Maples are few and far between around here, usually just the ornamentals people buy for their yards. For now it lives, whatever it may be.