Wednesday, May 9, 2012

They're Here!

I was not really expecting them! I was late ordering, and figured I had missed the cut off date, so I was shocked when the lady from the feed store called me last night to tell me they would be in this morning!
21 little hens.  They're kind of yellow with a redish tinge.  I ordered hatch day choice again, since I am now far too lazy to butcher chickens.  Or at least I'm trying to convince myself of that.

They're very active little puff balls, eating, drinking, and scratching through the cage. It looks like a great batch!

Now here's the real meat of the matter.
32 Orlopp Bronze turkey poults!
They're not nearly as active as the chicks. Mostly they're just sitting under their heat lamp in a big pile. Turkeys don't really travel well. And they're not that bright. I'll be back out to redip their beaks in a few minutes, just to make sure they know where the water is, and that they haven't smothered each other.

Then I have some cleaning to do in the workshop for this afternoon.   I hadn't even tidied up in there, let alone done repairs to the brooder box.  Shame on me!  I really wasn't expecting them today!  For now they're in cages, which is okay for their size.  They won't stay little for long though!

The first daffodils bloomed yesterday, and the chicks arrived today. Definitely spring!


  1. chicks and daffodils - it's definitely spring - woohoo!

    your friend,

  2. What is hatch day choice?

    I will just enjoy your daffodils now. Mine bloomed and all turned brown and were mowed down last week. They grow in great sweeps around the yard, not tidy or in a bed. Now, I have my yard back.

    1. The hatchery has to hatch more eggs than ordered in order to fill orders. Say someone orders a 100 RIR hens. They'll need to hatch 200 RIR eggs, because odds are half will be roosters. So on hatch day they end up with all kinds of assorted extra chicks. By ordering hatch day choice, I get a break in the price, and a few of those extra birds get a home rather than being destroyed. I just don't know what they are.

      It must be getting close to summer at your house. Are the roses blooming?