Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Due Any Day Now

I've been watching Dorie diligently for signs of imminent delivery. She's getting bigger and bigger all the time. i think she could possibly explode if she doesn't deliver soon.

While I was watching Dorie, I guess I wasn't paying attention to Mindy. SheKs still a lot smaller than Dorie, but #1 noticed tonight, she is starting to swell and redden. No fluid yet, but it could be soon. She is also bagging up nicely. Not as big as Dorie, but that's to be expected, with this being her first calf.

Meanwhile, Nelly is enjoying a daily break from the pasture to mow the lawn. Just short spells, for as long as I can stand to watch her while the black flies swarm around my head. We really need to get the fence around the garden finished so she can graze out there at her leisure.

Not sure what this will look like. Posting with Show Me photo blogger from my phone.

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  1. Me thinks you'll be busy in a little while. I'm too lazy to go back to your older post to see what breed your 'girls' are. Maybe some simmental or charolais (not sure about the spelling)? We use to pick up the drop calves at the auction and really never knew what we'd get. But your girls look of good breeding.

    Say how are the wee kids (goats not #3/#4) doing? Did the little doeling get her feet under her okay? they gotta be pretty big now I bet.

    Sorry for all the questions and don't worry if you're too busy to answer. I'll understand.

    1. Yeah, I don't really know what they are, either. Bought them at the auction. I guess Mindy is limousin, Nelly as Charolais, based on colour. Dorie could be limousin too, but the horns don't match. She came into the auction with a herd of Herefords, so I think probably a cross breed.

    2. Pressed publish too fast. Oops. Yes, the kids are doing well (knock on wood!) Sheila got stepped on a few weeks ago, and was limping badly for a few days, but she is back on to running around now. Shaq is starting to spend more time with his daddy now. I think it's cool the way they separate on their own. He's much friendlier than she is (probably because Oscar is a pita about needed a scratch between his horns whenever people are around, and Mama only comes to people if they're handing out carrots). I still think they look like puppies when the two of them are running across the pasture together, lol.

  2. Wendy,
    You are going to have so many babies! I am always impressed how your boys are learning from you and your husband. I am sure they know more than many adults by now.

    I would have to have one of those hats like beekeepers have to deal with the flies...yuck. I think I remember you said they bite. ???

    1. Thanks, Linda, but actually roles are reversing. They know more than I do these days, it seems. They aren't shy, they talk to different people about how to do things, they worked at the neighbour's stable last year, and they have better memories. I find myself asking 'where'd you learn that?' a lot these days.

      I wrote a whole post for you about the black flies, lol.