Seed Inventory



Beans-2012-HHS- Mennonite Purple Stripe Pole Bean
         - 2012-HHS-  Mennonite K Triple A- H- dry- 80 days
         - 2012-HHS- Vanderpol Six Weeks- H- snap or dry- 60 days
         - 2014- Saved Seed
         - 2014-OSC- Slenderette
         - 2014- HHS- Provider -50 days

Beets- 2012-HHS- Albino (Sugar Beets)- H
         - 2012-OSC- Bulls Blood- Heirloom- 60 days
         - 2014- GC- Detroit Dark Red Supreme
         - 2012- TM- Albina Vereduna Globe- 70 days
         - 2014- HHS-  Detroit Dark Red
         - 2014- HHS-  Albino
         - 2014- GC- Detroit Dark Red

Broccoli- 2012-OSC- Green Sprouting Italian- Open Pollinated-  an old Italian variety that matures early. Produces heavy crops of large, solid, central heads with numerous medium size lateral heads produced later in the season- 70 days
            - 2012- TM- Broccoli Summer Purple- 100 days
            - 2010- GC- Green Sprouting
Brussels Sprouts- 2012-OSC- Long Island Improved- OP- 90 days

Cabbage- 2012-OSC- Copenhagen Market- OP- 68 days
              - 2014- HHS- Copenhagen Market- 65 days from transplant

Carrots- 2012-HHS- Paris Market- H
           - 2014- HHS- Paris Market
           - 2014- GC- 

Cauliflower- 2012-OSC-  Early Snowball-  H- 65 days

Celeriac- 2012-OSC- Giant Prague- H- Perennial- 110 days

Corn- 2012-HHS- Gaspe Flint- H- sweet corn- 45-60 days
        - 2012-HHS- Mandan Bride- H- flour- 90 days
        - 2012-HHS- Orchard Baby- H- sweet corn- 60 days
        - 2012-HHS- Tom Thumb Popcorn- H- popcorn- 60 days
        - 2011-Pike- Golden Bantam- ?- 75-80 days
        - 2008-Veseys- Earlivee- ?-
        - 2012- Saved Seed-Northern Xtra Super Sweet

Cucumber- 2013-OSC- Burpless
                - 2012-HHS- Boston Pickling- H- 50-55 days
                - 2012-HHS- Early Green Cluster- H- 60 days
                - 2012-HHS- Miniature White- H- 50-55 days- no need to peel, compact vines, best picked under 3 inches long (gift)
                - 2012-OSC- Straight Eight- H- 52 days
                - 2012-GC- National Pickling
                - 2012- GC- Improved Long Green

Eggplant - 2012- TM- Pot Black- 58-62 days
              - 2014-OSC- Black Beauty

Ground Cherry- 2008-McK-Aunt Molly's- ?- 70 days

Kale- 2011 & 2012-OSC- Red Russian- H- 50 days
       - 2012- TM- Scarlet- 30-180 days
       - 2012- TM- Cavolo -Palmizio Senza Testa

Kohlrabi- 2012-OSC- Purple Vienna- H- 60 days
             - 2011-OSC- White Vienna- H- 55 days
             - 2010- GC- Early White Vienna

Lettuce- 2011- Pike- Romaine- ?- 65-85 days
            - 2012- Saved Seed- Romaine
            - 2012- McK- Early Curled Simpson
            - 2012- MrF- Grand Rapids 
            - 2013- Pike- New York or Wonderful- 85-90 days
            - 2014- HHS- Black Seeded Simpson- leaf
            - 2014- HHS- Cimmaron- romaine

Mangel- 2011 & 2012-OSC- Giant Red- H- 90 days
           - 2012-HHS- Golden Eckendorf- H

Melon- Citron- 2012-HHS- Red Seeded- H- melon used to make preserves.  Recipe
          -Muskmelon- 2012-HHS- Far North- 65-70 days
                             - 2012-HHS- Gnadenfeld- H- 60-65 days
                             - 2014-HHS- Far North- 65-70 days
                             - 2014- Saved Seed- Far North
          -Watermelon- 2012-OSC- Tendersweet Orange- 85 days
                  - 2012-OSC- Sugar Baby
                  - 2012-HHS- Cream of Saskatchewan- H- 80-85 days
                  - 2012-HHS- Small Shining Light- H- 85 days
                  - 2011-GC- Early Canada

Okra- 2009- SE- Clemson Spineless

Onion- 2012-OSC- Early Yellow Globe- OP- 98 days- intermediate
         - 2012-OSC- Southport White Globe- H- 98 days- long day
         - 2011- McK- Annual Bunching- ?- 60-75 days
         - 2011- Rich- Welsh- perennial- long day
         - 2014- GC- 

 Parsnips- 2011- OSC- Hollow Crown Improved
               - 2012- Saved Seed- Hollow Crown

Peas- 2012-OSC- Alaska- H- 55 days
        - 2014- Saved Seed
        - 2014- HHS- Champion of England-Woodbridge Strain

Peppers- 2012-OSC- Hungarian Yellow Sweet- H- 72 days- SHU 0
             - 2012-OSC- Sweet Cubanelle Ramshorn Pepper- ?- 65 days- SHU 100-1000
             - 2012-OSC- Sweet Pimento Heart Shaped- H- 78 days- SHU 0-100
             - 2011- OSC- Jalapeno- OP- 70 days- SHU 2000-8000
             - 2011- OSC- Salsa Anaheim- OP- 74 days- SHU 500-2500
             - 2011- OSC-Early Calwonder- OP- 75 days- SHU 0-
             - 2008- SE- Chile Negro- SHU 1000-10000
             - 2011- SE- Black Pearl Newive- SHU 300000
             - 2011- SE-Cayenne- SHU 30000-50000
             - 2009- SE- Creme Red- SHU             
             - 2012- Saved Seed- Medusa- SHU1500
             - 2012- Saved Seed- ? Hot Pepper
             - 2012- SE- Peppadew- SHU 1,177
             - 2012- SE-Alma Paprika- SHU 1000-2000- 80 days
             - 2012- SE- Guajillo- SHU 2500-5000
             - 2012- SE- Cayenne- SHU 30000-190000
             - 2012- SE- Golden Treasure- SHU 0-
             - 2012- SE- Chimayo- SHU 4000-5000
             - 2012- SE- Kalia Mirch
             - 2012- McK- Medusa- 60-80 days
             - 2014- MrF- Orange Baby- Sweet 

 Potato- 2012- TM- Russian Banana
           - 2013- Saved Seed- Russian Banana
           - 2014- Saved Seed- Russian Banana

Radish- 2012-HHS- Watermelon- H- winter radish
           - 2012-OSC- Round Black Spanish- H- 56 days
           - 2011-GC- Cherry Belle-
           - 2009- SE- Sparkler White Tip- H-
           - 2012- TM- Poloneza- 30-35 days
           - 2014- GC-

Radicchio- leaves or head- grilled, braised, roasted, soups, salads
               - 2010- SE- variegato di lusia

Rutabaga (Swede)- 2012-OSC- Laurentian- H- 95 days

Spinach- 2012-OSC- Bloomsdale Long Standing- H- 47 days
             - 2011- GC- Long Standing Bloomsdale
             - 2012- TM- Medania- 40 days

Squash- 2012-OSC- Marina de Chioggia- H- 100 days
            - 2012-HHS- Mandan Banquet- H-
            - 2012- Saved Seed- Green Hubbard- H- 90 days
       - Pumpkin- 2012-HHS- Algonquin- H- 90 days
                      - 2011-OSC- Pumpkin Patch Mixture- Sugar Pie, Howden, Jack O'Lantern, Lumina
                      - 2011-OSC- Fairy Tale- H- 100 days
                      - 2012- Saved Seed- store bought pumpkins
                      - 2014- Saved Seed- Algonquin
                      - 2014- HHS- Algonquin- H- 90 days

Strawberry- 2012- TM- Vesca- Z3-9- 150 days
                 - 2012- TM- Florian F1 Hybrid- Z3-9- 150 days
                 - 2012- TM- Mignonette- Z3-9- 130 days
                 - 2012- TM- Sarian F1 Hybrid- Z3-9- 150 days

Sunflower- 2012-HHS- Arikara- H- multi-headed, 10' high
               - 2012- Saved Seed- Red Sun & Topolino Single Dwarf cross
               - 2012- GC- Large Seeded Tall
               - 2014- Saved Seed

Swiss Chard- 2012-OSC- Rhubarb Chard- OP- 60 days
                   - 2011-OSC- Fordhook Giant- Op- 56 days

Tomatoes- 2012-HHS- Bison- H- 60 days- determinate ft
               - 2012-HHS- Kalinka- H- 50 days- determinate
               - 2012-HHS- Russian Saskatchewan- H- 60 days ft- determinate
               - 2012-HHS- Sasha's Altai- H- 65 days ft- determinate- tolerates cool night temperatures
               - 2012-HHS- Sioux- H- 70 days- indeterminate- bright red
               - 2012-HHS- Early Annie- H- 65-70 days
               - 2010-McK- San Marzano- H- 76 days
               - 2012- Saved Seed
               - 2012- SE- Iditarod- 70 days, Indet., Dwarf
               - 2012- SE- Bonny Best- H
               - 2012- SE-Seek No Further Love Apple- Indet.
               - 2013- Saved Seed
               - 2014- Saved Seed


Alaskan Burnet- edible leaves for soups and salads 
                       - Sanguisorba menziesii- 2012- SE 
Image result for plants Alaskan Burnet

Allium- garlic, onions, leeks, chives
         - 2012- SE- Purple Sensation
Image result for plants Allium

Anise-Hyssop-licorice mint- Perennial
                     - 2011- Rich- Z4
Image result for plants Anise-Hyssop

Asparagus- 2011- OSC- Mary Washington-
                - 2012- Saved Seed- Isla
Image result for plants Asparagus

Basil- 2014- GC- Sweet

Beardtongue- to treat tooth aches
                    - 2010- SE- Dwarf Navigator
                    - 2012- SE- Cambridge

Bedstraw- stem, leaves and flowers- mild laxative when eaten in quantity
              - 2011- Rich- Z3- Yellow

Red bee balm, monarda didyma, oswego tea

Bergamot- Bee Balm- tea, salad, spice
               - 2011- Rich- Z3- Wild
               - 2011- Rich- Z4

Borage- medicinal,
           - 2012-OSC-
borage flower

Burnet- Salad
          - 2012-HHS
Image result for plants Burnet

Calendula- topical treatment for problem skin
               - 2012- SE- Orange- A
Image result for plants Calendula

Catnip- Perennial- mint-like flavour- salad, spice, tea
          - 2011- Rich- Z3
catnip leaf

Calamus- Perennial- medicinal- root
             - 2011- Rich- Z3
wikay leaves 2 (1024x768)

Chamomile- leaves and flowers, apple taste- salad, tea
                 - 2012-OSC-
                 - 2011- Rich- A- German
chamomile flowers

Chinese Lantern- flavor similar to a sweet tomato- salad, pie
                         - 2011- Rich- Z3

Image result for edible Chinese Lantern

Chives- 2014- HHS- Garlic Chives- Perennial -Z2

Cicely- Perennial- whole plant- salad, soup, spinach, celery, wine
         - 2011- Rich- Z3- Sweet
Image Unavailable

Clary- medicinal, spice- sage
        - 2011- Rich- Z3- Meadow

Clover- 2011- Rich- Z3- Red

Columbine- leaves, flowers- salad, soup
                - 2009- SE- Mixed- Perennial

Coneflower- Echinacea- Perennial- medicinal- leaves, flowers
                 - 2011- SE- Z4- Purple

Cow Parsnip- early spring, wear gloves- recipes-
                   - 2004- SE
Gloves are necessary for harvesting cow parsnip. Cut stalk below the white base seen in center of picture. Photograph by Laurie Constantino

Dill- 2008- Veseys- Banquet
     - 2005- Rich- Anethum Graveolens
     - 2009- Saved Seed- Anethum Graveolens

Echinacea- Perennial- medicinal- leaves, flowers
                - 2008- Rich- Z?
                - 2012- SE-

Elecampane- Sunflower family- flowers for salad, roots medicinal
                   - 2011- Rich- Z3
Image result for edible Elecampane

Evening Primrose- Flower buds- salads
                          - 2010- VG-

False Indigo- 2011- Rich- Z3
Amorpha fruticosa False Indigo, False indigo bush

Foxglove- toxic, they produce a compound called ‘digitalin’ that is a key ingredient in medicines used to treat heart conditions
              - 2011-SE- Yellow- Z3- Poisonous
Image result for edible Foxglove

Goldenrod- Perennial- salads, tea, spinach, soups, stews, casseroles
                - 2011- Rich- Z3- European
goldenrod flowers

Hyssop- a grown-up mint with intense, complex flavor, and it dries excellently- flowers and leaves- salads, pastas, soups
           - 2011- Rich- Z3
Image result for edible Hyssop

Hollyhock- can be used interchangeably for Marshmallow
               - 2012- SE- Z2- Red
               - 2012- SE- Z2- Yellow
               - 2012- SE- Z2-Black
               - 2012- SE- Z2-  Pink
               - 2011- SE- Z2-Rosy Pink
               - 2011- SE- Z2-Peach
               - 2010- SE- Z2-Pale Pink
Image result for edible Hollyhock

Jacob's Ladder-Medicinal- salad
                       - 2011- Rich- Z3
Image result for edible Jacob's Ladder

Joe-Pye Weed- Perennial- tea
                       - 2011- Rich- Z3
joe pye weed

Lady's Mantle- leaves are eaten raw or cooked, tea
                     - 2011- Rich- Z3

Lavendar- Perennial- shrub like- fresh or dried- flower spikes in bag of sugar, syrop
              - 2012- OSC- Z?
Image result for edible Lavender

Lemon Balm- lemony scent and taste- pesticide, soups, stews
                   - 2011- Rich- Z5
Image result for edible Lemon Balm

Lovage- roots like carrots, stalks in soups, stews, leaves in salads, seeds in breads, as spice
           - 2009- SE
           - 2012- OSC
Image result for edible Lovage

Maral root- Perennial-Medicinal
               - 2011- Rich- Z2
Image result for edible Maral Root

Marjoram- spice
              - 2011- OSC- Sweet
Image result for edible Marjoram

Marshmallow- Leaves, root, flowers
                    - 2011- Rich- Z3- Erfurter
Image result for edible plants Marshmallow

Meadowsweet- flowers, leaves- aspirin, champagne
                      - 2011- Rich- Z3
Image result for edible plants Meadowsweet

Mint- 2011- Rich- Z4- Menthol
       - 2008- Rich- Z?- Mountain

Morning Glory- 2010- GC- Heavenly Blue

Motherwort- bitter mint- leaves, flowers- soup, tea, beer
                 - 2011- SE- Siberian
motherwort picture

Mountain Spinach- leaves- salad, greens
                           - 2012- SE-Orache
Red Mountain Spinach (Orach)

Mullein- leaves, flowers- salad, tea
           - 2012- SE- Purple
 mullein leaves

Oregano- 2011- McK-
             - 2012-HHS-

Oxlip- leaves, flowers- salads
       - 2012- SE- Red Hybrid

Parsley- 2011- GC- Moss Curled
           - 2011- Pike- Champion Moss Curled
Image of  Parsley Champion Moss Curled

Pasque Flower- toxic, medicinal
                      - 2012- SE- Z5- Purple

Pennyroyal- Perennial- repels fleas
                 - 2008- SE

Prairie-Clover- Perennial- flowers- tea
                    - 2011- Rich- Z3

Rosemary- 2011- McK-

Roseroot- Perennial- sedum family- Medicinal
              - 2011- Rich- Z1
Rhodiola rosea Rose Root

Sage-  2012-OSC-

Image result for edible plants Sage

Scullcap- Medicinal
             - 2011- Rich- Z3

Seabuckthorn- Perennial- Shrub- berries, leaves- juice, tea, fodder
                     - 2011- Rich- Z3
 Image result for edible plants Seabuckthorn

Sea Holly- Perennial- shoots, leaves, roots- like asparagus, like parsnips
               - 2012- SE- Z3
Image result for edible plants Sea Holly

Soapwort- A soap can be obtained by boiling the whole plant (but especially the root) in water.  POISONOUS when taken in excess
               - 2011- Rich- Z3
               - 2012- SE- Z3

Sorrel- Perennial- Zone 3 (young leaves have a lemony or sour flavor and add zest to salads and are great in soup, sauces or fish dishes)
         - 2014- HHS
wood sorrel plant

Speedwell- Perennial-Medicinal- tea, tincture
               - 2011- Rich- Z3

Sweetgrass- flavoring agent in various beverages, soft drinks, tobacco, candy, vodka- leaves- tea
                 - 2011- Rich- Z3
Sweet Grass Picture

Sweet Sumac- sour, lemony taste- drinks, spice
                     - 2011- Rich- Z4

Tarragon- leaves and flowers- spice
             - 2012- TM- Russian- Z3-7- 110 days- 3ft

Thyme- spice
          - 2011- Rich- English
Image result for edible plants Thyme

Tobacco- 2008- Rich- A
             - 2012- SE- Flowering
Image result for edible plants Tobacco

Vanilla Grass- another name for Sweetgrass (above)
                    - 2011- Rich- Z3

Valerian- Leaves and roots- salads
            - 2011- SE- Z4

Vervain- seed, roasted- leaves, tea, salads, soups- root collected all year round- flowers, salad
           - 2011- Rich- Z3- Blue
blue vervain plant

Vetch- annual; seeds have fair flavor; leaves/shoots/pods edible; good forage crop used with cattle/horses; very good groundcover
        - 2011- Rich- Z3- Crown

Wintergreen- Berries are edible. Leaves may be chewed for the wintergreen taste
                  -  2011- Rich- Z3
Image result for edible plants Wintergreen

Yarrow- Aerial- leaves, raw or cooked; salad- leaves as a hop-substitute for flavouring/preservative for beer- tea
          - 2011- Rich- Z3- White
Image result for edible plants Yarrow

Zhi Mu-Perennial herb-
                                 - 2011- Rich- Z2 
Image result for edible plants Zhi Mu


Amaranth- 2005- Rich
               -2012- HHS- Burgundy- prolific amounts of white seed high in protein -popped, sprouted, toasted on a skillet, ground into flour or cooked whole with equal volume of water for ten minutes- harvest seeds by shaking seedheads into a bucket, or by collecting heads and rubbing them through screening over a large container- leaves are succulent and nutty when eaten raw for the first few weeks, cooked greens until late summer.
Image result for edible plants Amaranth

Buckwheat- 2012- OSC-
Image result for edible plants Buckwheat

Millet- 2012- HHS- Purple- H- bird feed
Image result for edible plants Millet

Oats- 2008- SSS-
       - 2014- HHS- Vicar
Image result for edible plants Oats

Wheat- 2008- SSS- Red Fife- H- early hard red spring wheat- sow early spring
          - 2008- SSS- Kamut- silvery blue seedhead, characteristic gooseneck wave in its stalk, kernels twice the size of regular wheat- contains 29% more protein and 27% more lipids than common wheat- as a cooked whole grain, it has a rich corn-like flavour.
          - 2014- HHS- Polish Wheat- 
Image result for edible plants Kamut


Agastache- 2008- SE- Purple Pigmy
Image result for edible plants Agastache

Angel's Trumpet- 2008- SE- Datura Ballerina Double White
Image result for plants Angel's Trumpet

Aster- 2010- GC- Dwarf Queen
        - 2012- SE- Rose Beauty
        - 2012- SE- Ericoides
        - 2012- SE- Cupid's Dart
Image result for plants Aster

Baby's Breath- 2012- SE- Pink- Perennial
Image result for plants Baby's Breath

Bellflower- 2011- SE- Peach Leafed
Image result for plants Bellflower

Butterfly Weed-  2011- SE- Ice Ballet White
Image result for plants Butterfly Weed

Cosmos- 2010- GC- Early Sensation Mix
            - 2011- SE- Tall- Pink & White
Image result for plants Cosmos

Delphinium- 2011- SE- pinkish/lilac colour
Image result for plants Delphinium

Four O'Clock- 2010- GC- Marvel of Peru
                    - 2012- GC- Marvel of Peru
Image result for plants Four O'Clock

Frosted Queen- 2011- SE- Centaurea
Image result for plants Frosted Queen

Geraniums- 2011- SE
Image result for plants Geraniums

Grass- 2011- SE- Blue Fescue- Z3
Image result for plants Blue Fescue

Hollyhocks- 2011- SE
Image result for plants Hollyhocks

Iris- 2010- SE- Siberian- purple
Image result for plants Iris

Jerusalem Sage- Phlomis Tuberosa- 2012- SE- PZ4
Image result for plants Jerusalem Sage

Lavender Mist- 2012- SE

Lily- 2008- SE- Blackberry- perennial, orange
Image result for plants Lily

Lily of the Nile- 2008- SE-
Image result for plants Lily of the Nile

Loraine Sunshine- 2011- SE
Image result for plants Loraine Sunshine

Marigold- 2010- GC- Crackerjack
             - 2009- SE- mixed
             - 2011- SE- Creme
Image result for plants Marigold

Malva Zebrina- 2009- SE-Perennial/Biennial
Image result for plants Malva Zebrina

Nasturtium- 2010- GC- Jewel Mixed
                 - 2012- SE- Jewel Mixed

Petunias- 2009- SE
Image result for plants Petunias

Poppy- 2012- SE- DK Purple Peony- H- OP- A
          -2012- SE- Danish Flag- OP- A
Image result for plants Poppy

Scarlet Trumpet Vine- 2012- SE-
Image result for plants Scarlet Trumpet Vine

Shepherd's Scabious- Jasione laevis- 2012- SE- Z4
Image result for plants Shepherd's Scabious

Snapdragon- 2010- GC- Magic Carpet mixed
                   - 2010- VG- Tetra mixed
Image result for plants Snapdragon

Stocks- 2010- GC- Giant Imperial mixed
Image result for plants Stocks

Zinnia- 2010- GC- State Fair Tetra mixed
Image result for plants Zinnia


H= Heirloom
OP= Open Pollinated
Z= zone
HHS= Heritage Harvest Seed
OSC= Ontario Seed Company
GC= The Garden Corner (subsidiary of McKenzie)
McK= McKenzie
Rich= Richters
SE= Seed Exchange (Garden Web, Far North Forum)
SSS= Salt Spring Seeds
VG= Valley Green
MrF= Mr. Fothergill's
TM= Thompson & Morgan

SHU= Scoville Heat Units
strike= last of seed planted

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