Friday, May 4, 2012

A Hugeling We Go

Flower Bed: I now have daffodils, sedum, strawberries, bee balm, rhubarb, and chives up and identifiable. My little firewood triangles, rings and rectangles are spreading.
The plants seem to be happy with the wood chip and bark mulch. Or at least without the weeds trying to choke them all out.
Why didn't I think of that before?  Still a lot of ground to cover.

Forest Garden:

Not much to look at yet. All four zone 2 apple trees, planted last year, have leaves budding. One only on the lowest branch though. One of my four year old trees, started from seed, is missing. The other is budding.  The shack at the back was the previous owner's goat house.  We built the stand a couple of years ago for our goats to play on.  Our goats absolutely hated this area.  It's a nice spot for a forest garden though.
The main rhubarb patch got a face lift. #1 started cleaning out the chicken coop. I surrounded the rhubarb patch with branches, and he unloaded the hay/manure mix on top.
There's lots of manure still to come, so I made a few more piles of branches for him to unload on top of. These are very green piles- green manure, green branches. They'll sit and compost until next year.

I actually took these pictures yesterday, but didn't post. I put another row of logs on top afterwards. Husband is home this weekend, so I have big plans for him getting it filled with compost, and plowing the garden. It's actually kind of early to plow, but I don't want to miss getting it plowed because he'll be working every weekend very soon, as construction season picks up.  The bed isn't quite as high as I wanted it, only about two feet instead of three.  I figure I can add onto it next spring if it's too low.
It's 14X3 paces. About 21X4.5 feet. Short legs.

I saw the first bee of the year today!  Go bumbles, go!  The daffodils should flower in the next day or two, if the weather holds.  10°C. -3°C overnight.


  1. Okay, what is this ab out firewood rectangles and triangles? I reread your last post before this one and still did not get it. Maybe the picture of the little triangle with a plant inside confused me. Why did you put the triangle around one plant? If this all so simple, I may have cobwebs on the not be surprised right now.

    I hope your husband appreciates you lots for all you do.

    1. It was back a bit further, in my original hugelkultur planning post. I'm surrounding the existing plants in the perennial bed with fire wood. Depending on their size and shape, it might be a triangle, a ring, or a rectangle. That's too protect those plants from future work in the area. The next step will be to cover all of the empty space with firewood, and then add the compost on top before I plant anything new.

      We'll see how much he appreciates me after he spends a day moving manure and compost, lol.

  2. I have GOT to read up more on hugel kultur.... it sounds like we could use it here, too! (and by the way, it's 90 out today and we have peppers on our plants!)

    1. Holy smokes, that is warm! Way too early to be that warm! I am jealous of the peppers though. Check out the hugelkultur. It seemed simple enough to me, so I dove right in.

  3. Wendy - you are doing an awesome job! we haven't done too much work on our hugelkulture areas just yet but we will get cracking this week. i am calling today "daffodil day" as i am positive that one will flower today. i have been watching them like a hawk for a week waiting for one to flower - bahahah! glad you saw a bee - woohoo!

    your friend,

    1. Fingers crossed. We rarely get snow after the daffodils bloom. It's really starting to feel like spring out there. I'm hoping this will be our last week of buying hay! The grass is greening up fast now!

  4. My tulips have all bloomed out..the daffodils are just a sweet memory..but the dandelions are multiplying like bunnies.
    Strange weather this year!
    So 3 out of 4 apple trees things are looking up :)

    1. Dandelion wine. Dandelion jelly. Dandelion syrop. Dandelion greens. Dandelion buds. lol. I just picked the first bunch of leaves for doggie stew a couple of days ago. I need to dig some up and do a batch of coffee.

      Yup, I'm pretty happy with the trees overwintering.