Friday, August 7, 2015

This Little Piggy

Will be on the menu this fall!

Pending her arrival, I reread all of Ohiofarmgirl's pig posts.  She shares a wealth of information and experience about how to raise pigs on the cheap.

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What I'm Feeding the Pigz today

I've never done a cost analysis of how we raise our pigs before.  The price of feed in Canada would scare you, lol.  (It scares me).  But then, our grocery store prices would scare you too.  We're also starting late this year.  This little piggy has four months max, before she lands in the freezer.

Our last batch of pigs (2013) we fed
4 cups of scratch grain
1 cup of milk
1/4 cup lentils
2 medium potatoes
boiled in water, twice per day.

I don't seem to have made any notes on increases or changes to their feed, except that I gave them beets for awhile instead of potatoes.
This morning I went ahead and started a batch of my feed, with the addition of two whole eggs.  It was on the stove cooking before I remembered that it was for two pigs and I'm only getting one this year.  Ah well, she's had a long stressful day, and the extra feed shouldn't hurt her.
 She arrived late in the afternoon and laid in the corner for quite some time, showing no interest in her food or water.
Eventually, she got up and started exploring her pen.
She's a Yorkshire Landrace cross, and she's been raised on scratch grain and garden/kitchen waste.  She's from the same farmer that we got our last piglets from- the sweet, friendly piglets.  I'm hoping she shares their gentle disposition, but grows fast!

Bring on the bacon!  And the Lard.  Lots of lard.  (I might want the lard more than the bacon...)

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