Saturday, August 15, 2015

Greenhouse #3

Greenhouse #3 is the most productive right now, with the least variety of plants.

The tomato plants have lots of flowers and quite a few small green tomatoes.  I've been pinching off suckers for about a week now.  Sweet Hungarian Banana peppers are producing slowly.  Long slims are producing well.  The carrots are crazy!  I'm still harvesting 4-5 every day, and they keep getting bigger and bigger.  I've started pulling a few from around the tomatoes now, which are smaller, but I'm afraid the tops are blocking too much sunlight from the bottom of the tomato plants.

Cucumbers are climbing and flowering nicely.  Peas are good.  Radishes have been removed.  Nasturtiums are huge and sending runners off into the tomatoes.  Lots of flowers to harvest, though I'm leaving everything on one side to hopefully set seed.
And the sunflowers are flowering!  I love those beautiful rays of sunshine!

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  1. I need to raise sunflowers instead of just looking at others' pictures.