Sunday, August 2, 2015

Greenhouse Growth

Greenhouse #1

Green beans in Greenhouse #1 are starting to flower.
What little corn sprouted at all is stunted. I blame that on a wayward chicken who got in and scratched through the soil shortly after planting.

Pumpkins are still doing poorly, barely making any headway at all.  Radishes are in full bloom.  I keep picking off their lower leaves to allow the vines more room and light.

I transplanted romaine into some of the empty space at the ends of the rows. It's doing very well, which is kind of funny, since the romaine in the garden is also coming along spectacularly this year.

More romaine, and wind damage to the greenhouse.  This side has been split since winter, but I had it covered with another piece of plastic.

The biggest melon beside the first flowering cucumber. The watermelon isn't flowering yet, but starting to bud. The rest of the melons are only about 3 inches high, and won't likely amount to anything.

The cucumbers are extras that Mom started.They also amuse me. The ones she planted in her greenhouse are easily 4 times as big. I definitely need soil amendments in here.
A bit of an overview.  It's quite sparse and unjunglelike.  Sad for this time of year.

And then, there's a sunflower 'tree'.  Obviously sunflowers don't require nearly as much nutrition, as they're aiming for the roof again.  The flower isn't blooming yet.

Wind damage - we had high winds for a couple of days that ripped the plastic off the back wall and roof of greenhouse #1.  There was minor damage to Greenhouse #3, and none to Greenhouse #2.

Greenhouse #2

As the best sealed greenhouse (the fewest rips and tears), Greenhouse #2 is always the warmest. 
It's achieving the jungle effect I'm accustomed to.  Sunflowers aren't quite so tree like here, but doing very well.  Nasturtiums are in full bloom, radishes are blooming, but less crazed, beats are coming along nicely, despite me harvesting the tops here and there.

I bought two melons at a late sale when I thought my Far North Melons weren't going to make an appearance.  They're flowering now, but the Far North's aren't far behind.

The dill is wild and crazy and seems to be everywhere.  I think I'll pull the sprawlers next year and try to keep it more contained along the back wall.

Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli are coming along ok.  They might make heads before winter.  The Brussels seem to be struggling with the heat a bit.  The beats are crazy.  They're only supposed to be companion plants, but they came up exceptionally well.  I couldn't tell the difference between the beat tops and the chard at first, so just picked here and there.  Normally that would stunt my beet growth, but it doesn't seem to be doing them any harm in here. 
 The cabbages and kale are stuck in a tangled web of spinach.  I was trying to let the spinach go to seed for a fall crop but it started falling over when it got too tall.  I've been pulling a couple of plants here and there, trying to uncrowd the cabbages.

Greenhouse #3

Tomato/Pepper/Carrot Jungle
I'm quite pleased with the way the tomatoes have filled out.  There are still a couple of smaller plants, but I think the overall harvest will be good.  The carrots have been overshadowing the peppers even though I keep pushing the leaves away from them.  I pulled a few yesterday to give the peppers more space.

What a shock!  I don't think I've ever grown such big carrots, let alone to see them this big in July!  I'll be harvesting a few of these babies every day or two for the rest of the season!

Sunflowers, nasturtiums, radishes, beets, peas, carrots, and cucumbers...  A mini jungle in the centre.  The cucumbers are just starting to climb the fencing, reaching for the sun.

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