Sunday, August 16, 2015

Garden Progress

One of the biggest differences between greenhouse gardening and traditional gardening is the lack of production outside.  Every day I go into the greenhouses, pull a few weeds, and harvest a little bit of something.  Meanwhile, outside in the garden it's a lot more work (weeds) and a lot of waiting.  It's weather dependent and uncertain whether there will be a crop to harvest, fighting late spring frosts, early fall frosts and dry spells.
I'm almost caught back up on the weeding again.  I might even manage to get the strawberry bed done before I have to start over.  The potatoes are looking good.  The Littles hilled them for me for the second time.  A few are even flowering.

I took these pics from the back of the garden to show the size difference and spotty growth better. 

The beans have tons of flowers and the first wee pods are on their way.

The mangels at the back are particularly small and stunted.  The turnips are much smaller at the back than at the front, but starting to catch up.  The sunflowers are too tiny to amount to anything, while the romaine is slowly getting there.  That's not too bad though, somewhat like succession planting.

The sunflowers at the front are getting ready to flower, and we're harvesting enough romaine from the outside leaves for a salad every 3-4 days.

Some of the pumpkins are looking pretty good, while others are just as sad and stunted as inside the greenhouse.

The peas are starting to die off now, despite the cooler weather.  I'm still harvesting some, but many plants are dry and yellowed.

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