Thursday, August 13, 2015

Greenhouse #1

Summer is marching right along inside the greenhouses, while outside, the cool evenings and mornings are a constant reminder that fall is just around the corner.
I moved the one pumpkin (top of picture) that might possibly accomplish something.  It had started to sprawl into the beans.  It has a couple of flowers, so maybe, if we're lucky it might produce something.  It's very disappointing after the amazing pumpkin patch I had growing last year.

The beans are doing great with lots of flowers and the first little beans starting to form.  They should be ready for the first picking in about a week.

Romaine is kind of bushy in the greenhouse.

The few stunted corn plants that came up are now setting ears.  I don't expect to harvest these - I doubt there are even enough plants for proper fertilization.

Mom's extra cucumbers are climbing well.  The nasturtiums are nice in here, not too big, not too small.
 One watermelon plant might set fruit.  The others are still too small.

Crazy sunflower, crazy dill.  There always seems to be that one sunflower in this greenhouse that reaches the 9' roof.  The dill climbing up through it is new this year though.

I pulled all of the overgrown radishes for pig feed and put new seed behind the corn on the side where the pumpkins never came up.  Piggy seems to enjoy the radishes, and they're the fastest growing root crop I know of.  I'm debating planting more radishes for future pigs, and fewer turnips and mangels.  The first year I grew mangels they were huge, but not since.  This year the plants are big but the roots are still fairly small.

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