Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Raspberry Season

The raspberry yield has improved dramatically with the recent rains.  We're getting bigger, plumper berries now.  I filled the 4L bucket in the freezer, then left it out to defrost over night.
The next morning I put them in a 1 Gallon carboy, along with the juice.

After boiling and cooling the sugar water was added, and now the carboy sits on the buffet with all of the other wines we currently have on the go.

The rest of this years' raspberry crop will be turned into juice.  I'm continuing with the pick and freeze method.  This way there's no rush to get enough berries picked, and no waste from sitting in the fridge too long.  Raspberries don't keep well for very long.

Blueberry yields are also improving, though not enough to try another batch of wine yet.  Peas are dying off, which seems odd since the rains bring cooler temps.


  1. wendy - i need to know how the raspberry wine turns out! i love raspberries and like you - freeze the daily hauls that we don't eat. but if you tell me that raspberry wine is delicious - i'll be all over it! congrats on your haul so far!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks, kymber. The trouble with wine is, you have to wait a really long time before you know how it turns out. Most recipes I've read say 2 pounds of raspberries, 6 months to rack, and a year to mature. And then, if you're using real fruit, you also never get two batches that turn out exactly the same. Some years the berries are juicier, some years sweeter. My best advice is just do it. Air locks are only $3-4, and you can use any jug that they'll fit the opening on as a carboy.

      I do like the racking cane, but any syphoning hose will work, so you don't have to invest a lot to experiment. Worst case scenario- you make some nice vinegar. :)

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