Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Down the Logging Trail

Our property backs up against about 10000 acres of crown land. We call it our playground, where we ride quads, snowmobiles and horses, pick blueberries, raspberries and elderberries, hunt, and gather firewood.

This is the beginning of the trail, our property on the right, and the creek that flows through it.
The creek is overflowing the road.
The creek, on our side.
There's the birthday boy.  He was a little nervous to go across.
The trails were pretty mucky, with lots of big puddles.
Fresh moose tracks.
There's still a bit of snow, but not much.
This is the point that Wonder started wondering if maybe she should have stayed home.
Lots of snow up by the milk truck (somebody's former hunting camp, left in the woods to rot).

Headed back.
Me & Wonder.  I think sometimes she follows us because she likes to ride on the quad.

The Littles.  Hey, you know what?  I called him #3 yesterday, but he's not.  He's #4, lol.  I mix up their real names too, from time to time.  Oops.  He enjoyed his birthday ride.  We certainly weren't expecting weather like this!


  1. We are next to federal land here in NM. Kind of nice isn't it? Looks slushy fun, and you cracked me up with the kiddos names. Same thing happens here too.


    1. It's great to be surrounded by all that space! I think it happens to all of us, from time to time.

  2. oh Wendy - it looks like you guys had an awesome day with such awesome weather - woohoo - come on spring! those littles are so cute riding on their quads!!! and your dog likes to ride on the quad too??? well, i guess it is even better than riding in the car/truck with your head hanging out the window for a dog! sure looks like fun! we have an atv with a plow that jambaloney uses to plow our 130ft driveway during the winter - he has a blast! we use it in the spring/summer/fall (minus the plow) to drag stuff around the yard, take stuff down to the river/from the river and to go to the beach - tons of fun!

    as for mixing up the numbers and the kids names - dear me, if i had a penny for every time that my mother called me my brother and 2 sisters names before she got mine right - i would be a bazillionaire!!! oh, and when they are in their 20's - it only takes a year or two of counselling for them to get over it - bahhaahha!

    your friend,

    1. We sure did, thanks! Just Wonder. The others don't care for it at all. She's always been a bit of an oddball though, lol.

      I think the quads are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment we own, and yeah, a ton of fun to boot!

      lol. 2 years of counselling for a name mix up? Man oh man, how many years will it take them to get past the home butchering, and second hand clothes? lol

  3. Ah, I see now that that is recent. I somehow missed this post.

    I never get my children's name right. This is since they were infants, not since I have had menopausal brain.

    My father called me by any name but mine. He just started calling names. He usually called me at least a sister or half-sister's name...but there were four other girls, so it was agony, annoying.

    My daughter quit giving me grief when she called her newborn by the cat's name. She sounded so sad when she told me. I think she as sad because she was turning into her mother.

    I need a quad!

    1. lol. Did you and your daughter need counselling too? We actually call the boys by alternate names on purpose, too. Jenny, Wilma, Janice and Patricia. Somehow, I manage not to mix those up, lol.

  4. Looks like a great time was had by all :)
    Is that washout before the culvert?

  5. You bet! And yes, right over top, and about 10' wide.

  6. I can almost smell the fresh air :-)