Friday, March 9, 2012

That's Just the Kind of Day It's Been

It was a beautiful +10°C the other day!!! Yes, that's a PLUS sign! What could possibly go wrong on a gorgeous day like this?


Dad was over with the tractor in the morning, so I got him to clean up around the gate. There was so much snow in the way that the chain we use to fasten it was on it's last link, leaving a wide enough gap for goats and Toothless to squeeze through. All nice and tight now.

The snow slid off the roof of the barn. We knew it was going to happen, but we weren't sure how it would fare. I was outside. I heard it. I saw it. I ducked and ran for cover. Success at last! It's still standing! There is some damage to the beam on the top corner, but by golly, on the fourth attempt, it didn't go kersplat!

I sent the Littles up top to shovel snow off, to reduce the weight. It's still not enough of an angle/not slippery enough to slide right off onto the ground.  They had a blast riding huge snow chunks off the edge.
Casper has continued his escapades since the plowing was done. I went walk about in the beautiful sunshine, following the fence line. The fence around the back of the barn yard all looks good and solid.

In the afternoon Casper was out again. I went out to put him away, and found him back in the pasture. Nelly was out instead.
Not good. It wouldn't be long til everyone else was getting out too.  I let her help herself to the hay lean-to while I tossed more hay over the fence. Then I went to look at the worst parts of the fence around the barn to find the escape route.

I think I found it. Casper must have been squeezing through the gate. And he must have tried it again with the gate chain tight. Because this is what I found.
The wooden gate meets in the middle with the metal gate (left side)(I should have taken a better picture). The wooden gate doesn't get used through the winter, and is quite solidly buried in snow. And the top board had been snapped!  So I figure he must have met resistance when he was squeezing through this time, and just kept pushing.  There's a new temporary 2X4 nailed in across the top now, and overlapping and nailed into the corner post as well.  The gate hinges are pulled out of the corner post at the top, and who knows what it looks like under the snow.  So this is a temporary fix until spring.  Or until the next great escape.

Back in the lean-to, I had a nice chat with Nelly about milking.  I petted her and loved her, and played with her udders.
She's pretty agreeable (or basically ignoring me while she stuffs her face). She doesn't seem to be bagging up, just pleasantly plump.
Maybe a bit of a bulge. She might be pregnant.

Wait a minute...
What was that?

I think my baby's gonna have a baby!


  1. the pic of the barn reminds me of winter 2009 in ottawa - we had a 13ft snowbank that started eating our garage!!! we have been having some serious spring-like weather too...i am sooo looking forward to spring as you must be as well! although we had a very temperate winter and not nearly as much snow as you guys!!!

    your friend,

    1. Yes, definitely looking forward to spring. Only two months or so to go, lol.

  2. At least my hens never break down their barriers to freedom! That would test my physical limits. Your children have unusual fun times. And, mama sends them on the roof of the They don't have to pay for amusement park fun.

    1. Oh, some days, I swear it would be easier to stuff them all in the freezer than chasing them around. Mostly it's ok, so long as Dorie stays put. If she gets in a wandering mood, all bets are off.

      Livin' in the sticks, you got to make your own fun, lol.

  3. I'm glad to hear you were able to tighten up security! You got tons more snow up there than we got - which is next to none this year. That bump on Nelly does look mighty suspicious ;-)

    1. Thank you! The weather people claimed we were going to have a mild winter with little snow. Now they're claiming a hot dry summer. I'm expecting lots of rain.

      I'm so excited and nervous. I can't wait for her to calve and start milking, but if anything goes wrong I'm going to be a wreck! She's still my bottle baby! Long past the bottle, but she's just such a pet.