Friday, March 2, 2012

Paper Towel Gardening

I read about this on Chickens in the Road yesterday morning. I did a google search and some more reading, then had to try it out.
Instead of trying to divide all of those squares in the garden, you preglue the seeds to paper towels in the comfort of your home, on a winter day. I didn't have any Elmer's school glue, so I tried some with a glue stick (it says washable, not water soluble), some with egg whites (thanks to this post by PP), and some with wood glue. They all worked, but the wood glue was easiest to work with. I'll do some more after I get some school glue, then wait and see if it makes any difference when it's time to grow.


  1. I never thought about using egg glue for that purpose. I would imagine it might give a bit of nutrition. Probably school glue does If I were nearer, I could give you school glue. I have free Elmer's coming out my ears. I might just try your method.

    1. That's what I was thinking. It's all natural, so it shouldn't harm the seeds, and might even help!