Saturday, March 3, 2012

It Just Keeps on Snowing

And snowing, and snowing. Another foot overnight. Snowing and blowing all day. It's hard to say how much has actually accumulated.
Walking towards the barn.  It's really hard to see the paths.  You know when you miss though. 

I don't even know what this is. 

This was about an hour after Husband and #1 plowed.  If you squint you can make out the ledge of snow on the side of the drive.  The drive itself is drifted back in.

They also pulled the snow back from the fence inside the pasture.  It's drifted in, but soft now, so the beasties can't stand on it.

The beasties who pretend they're innocent, just hangin' at the hay bale.

The front gate & fence.  They straightened out a weak spot, and added another line of barbed wire across the top of the posts.
That should keep them in, for now.  Do you think an 8 foot fence would be sufficient?  Or maybe 12?  We'll be replacing fence posts around the winter zone this summer.  Much higher.  Much, much, higher.

Yesterday we chased the beasts back in 3 times.  Mindy hopped the fence again about three seconds after we got her in last night.  She was missing this morning.  I'm not sure where she spent the night, but she was back in the hay lean-to around 11am, acting like that was perfectly normal.  Damn cow.

Damn snow.


  1. March - in like a lion, out like a lamb...or cow. lolol

  2. You pulled back the snow so they cannot walk on it and get out? They jump the fence because there is not much fencesticking up when they walk on packed snow, so it is really a short fence. This post was puzzling, so I read it three times! Remember, I know less about snow than I do cows. One is too cold and seems dangerous, and the other is good for milk and entertainment. Your "innocent" cows are entertaining from

    1. Exactly. With the snow packed down around the fence it was only about 2 feet high, which the cows were just hopping over as they pleased. Husband pulled the snow back away from the fence, exposing the full 5 feet height. With the drifts from yesterday, it looks like it's about 3 feet high now, or less in spots. However, since it's not packed snow, it won't support their weight when they walk through it.

  3. I imagine tools like snowblowers wouldn't mix very well with cow patties when trying to clear the snow away from the fence in the winter enclosure. Good luck keeping those rascals from getting loose.

  4. Thinking about the obstacles that you find when you miss the path--I know obvious things puzzled me the few times in my life that I have seen two feet of snow. It was my yard and barely recognizable. Have you ever had to tie ropes so you could find your way. I think that is what the Ingalls did.