Friday, March 16, 2012

Lake Middle of the Lawn

Home to wandering geese and ducks.
Make that, she geese and ducks.  They're pretty funny to watch through the window, but the moment I go out to take pictures, they head back to the coop.
 Nope, nope.  We're not swimming if you're watching.
 Home!  Everybody run!
But the proof is in the feathers.
 Back at the coop.
Three white geese.  One yellow ducky.  So happy, just to be bathing again!
The snow has sunken at least a foot already.  The weather has been above freezing for a week already, with another week in the forecast, and even a high of 20°C predicted for Wednesday.

While I'm not apt to believe winter is over just yet, I am enjoying this lovely break.

We butchered 4 roosters.  9 others have vanished, leaving us with two. 

We lost another turkey hen- to the dog who kills for fun and will soon be living elsewhere.

The kids are doing great.

Casper is staying on his side of the fence!

The boys' room is painted.

The chickens are laying!

A lovely week!


  1. Sounds like spring is in the air for all of you Canadians!

    1. I'm afraid I'm not quite willing to believe that just yet. Mother Nature has a tendency to tease us like this, and then dump another couple of feet of snow on us.

  2. I bet the waterfowl are loving their new lake.

  3. So glad we got up to enjoy all your beautiful snow before it all disappeared.Just wish we could have had more of a visit instead of feeling like garbage... Talk about a fast worker girl now come paint my house jk Sorry to hear the little bugger got some more birds..have you placed an ad on Myser? He is adorable so I don't see you having any problems finding a new home for him.
    It's a gorgeous spring day here with oodles of snowdrops and crocuses out and if this weather keeps up one of my patches of Daffodils should be up later in the week :)

    1. It was great to see you, even if we did all feel like crap. Hope you're feeling better now!

      Lol. Fast? I started it last summer, remember? Let's see how long it takes to get the bathroom and sunroom done now.

      Lillian has a friend that was looking when we first got him. We're hoping he might still be interested. He didn't want to have to do puppy training, so it might work out well. Will find out today. If not, I'll put another add up.

      See, that's funny. You have to plant snow. Here it just keep falling from the sky, lol.

  4. Wendy,
    That is why I take pictures through a dirty window over the kitchen sink--all the hens quit doing whatever I wanted to capture! Chickens either leave or come to me. They never continue what was so captivating when they spot me.

    You know how I am about my hens. I would invite that dog to go soooo fast.

    Speaking of laying, I think my accidental banty is going to be a prolific egg layer. I have gotten one each day since she started laying. No eggs was not making me a happy camper!

    1. I tried that, but they were too far away. Just little dots in the water.

      I almost sent him packing last fall, but then felt guilty. Thought we might be able to retrain him through the winter with less access, but he just can't seem to help himself. As long as we're right beside him he's fine, but the minute we turn our backs he's chasing something.

      I hear you on that! No eggs makes for some very boring breakfasts! I think your accidental banty is a great addition to the flock!

  5. She has been through so much with Louise pecking and chasing her that I hate to send her away. She would probably not be welcome if I took her back and have to go through the same thing with her old flock. I eat a banty and a hen egg for breakfast or dinner.

    I didn't realize they were so far away. Thankfully or not, my hens are right beside the hous.

  6. Isn't it good to feel the joy that spring brings? Even the animals feel it. Well, I shouldn't say 'even' as if they have no feelings. I feel certain they feel it more than we do. All seems well with yor world. That's happy :-)