Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For the First Time In 5 Years

It actually, almost, feels like spring on the first day of spring! We're still having beautiful warm weather, although the temperatures are supposed to drop this weekend, and bring more snow.

I can't believe how fast it's melting! Lake Middle of the Lawn got three times as big as what it was before it finally started receding.

The garden is clearing nicely.  I was standing at the end closest to the house when I took this picture, just to give you some idea of the distance things are around here.
The wood shed is looking pretty bleak these days.
Mama and the kids are doing great!
The kids are completely fearless.  I love how Nelly looks out for 'her' baby brother and sister.

The snow in the pasture is also fading fast. 
Dorie is looking pretty plump.  I'm hoping there's a baby in there!  She's pretty even sided though, so it's hard to say!
Lucy is not looking pregnant at all.  She didn't kid last year either, so she may be going off to market soon.

The geese are still out playing on the lawn.  They're happy to be out exploring.  This pic was taken from about halfway between the house and the coop.

Here's a much better shot.
Sunshine makes us happy.

The muscovies (ducks) scared #1 last night.  They were hiding when he went to put them to bed.  I thought for sure they were gone, but they returned at dusk.  They got their wings clipped to prevent them from flying off.

It's #3's birthday today, and we are headed out for a quad ride, to see how the melt is going in the woods.

I hope you're all out enjoying this beautiful weather, wherever you are!


  1. Happy Birthday to number 3!!! i hope you guys have a great time out "quadding" and enjoy the fantastic weather! yippee - it's spring!

    your friend,

  2. Wendy,
    That is a great difference in the snow!

    Lake Middle of the Lawn...lol...love it.

    If that cow is not pregnant, she needs a diet.

    Are the ducks for eating?

    Happy Birthday to #3. Do you get all muddy when you quad ride, or is this a tame ride?

    1. Yes, the snow is melting incredibly fast this year!

      I don't think Dorie would agree to a diet, lol. I'm sure there must be a couple of pregos though. The rate of hay consumption is much higher now than it was in the fall.

      No, not at this point anyway. We ate a few when we lived down south, to keep the numbers under control. Here, I keep buying them, but we never have more than 5 or 6 at a time, and no ducklings. They disappear, I buy more.

      This ride was pretty mucky. I prefer it when it's dry.

  3. Sprng is in the air for sure. Happy birthday #3! I hope you had a great day celebrating with your family.