Monday, October 17, 2011


For the past week,
this is where I've been.
Sitting in the woods,
Staring at trees. Between trees. Under trees.
Waiting. Watching.

No moose yet.


  1. we're praying that you get one soon! and i would love if you do a "dressing/butchering" post when you do!

    good luck Wendy!

    your friend,

  2. i admire your patience - i fish a LOT and patience is the ONLY virtue that counts..

    hope yours pays off soon ;-)

  3. I admire you dressing skills. Is anyone waiting with you in the woods? Do you stay there are night, too? Isn't there a moose call you can use? I wait on eggs from the hens? Does that count?

  4. Please translate the first post best you can. I am still so exhausted.

  5. Thanks all. Opening week was a bit of a push. My brother was up for the week, and Husband and a buddy of his took a few days off to hunt. Now it's just me and my dad, and Husband when he's home. We've got til the middle of November, so I'm ashamed to say I'm now a sunny day hunter, lol.

    The first week was mostly nice, weather wise, but ended with a few days of rain. Rain continued this week, and I've been slacking. It's bad enough sitting in the bush getting wet, if we actually got a moose and had to drag it out in a downpour... I would not be a pleasant person.

    We spread out, keep in contact by cell phones & FS radios. You can hear other people out on quads. It's very peaceful. Patience is a virtue. Reading helps pass the time. Beware of crazy jacked up squirrels who think they own the bush though. I swear they make more noise than a bear.

    We go out just before day break, and get into our spots quietly. Wait and watch for 2-3 hours, then home. Back out around 4 to sit and wait til dark. Moose are nocturnal, so you hope to see one on it's way to bed in the morning, or going out to feed in the evening. It's illegal to hunt at night, and I live here, so I go home. Other hunters set up camps in the bush for their stay.

    Dad has a moose call. Unfortunately the hunting season doesn't start here until after the rut (mating season) is over, so it doesn't work too well. (The call is to mimic one moose looking for a breeding partner). Occasionally you might call in an ornery bull who's still on the prowl, but for the most part, they're done.

    Eggs... Oh I need to kick some kids in the butt, lol. Post later...