Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Garden Update VI

Green beans in the greenhouse yeilded half a bucket more of seed beans!

I picked 5 gallons of ripe tomatoes on Sept. 22nd,
but unfortunately over half of them had some sort of tomato blight fungus on the bottoms.  I cut and froze what was salvageable from them, and the chickens got the rest.

 The Purple Cherokees are producing ok.  Not as many tomatoes as some of the others, but not bad.  They were only a few days earlier than the rest as well.  The worst thing is, with their odd colouring, I don't really know when they're ripe.  I don't think I'll be planting them again next year.

There were two heads of cauliflower in the greenhouse, and one weird 'head'.  I'm really not sure what happened to that one.
And just a bit of broccoli.

More tomatoes to ripen, swiss chard coming on again, and brussel sprouts almost ready!


  1. Is that blossom-end rot? If so, the cure is calcium. I crush egg shells and sprinkle around the tomatoes. That is quite a nice harvest you have.

  2. I don't think so. I do sprinkle egg shells around the garden in the spring as well, but I also put crushed tums into the hole with the tomato plants when I transplant. I don't think they should be lacking calcium, although the plants were huge this year, so maybe they still needed more.

    It starts out as just a little black spot on the bottom of the tomatoes just as they start to ripen. It gets bigger and darker as they ripen. The visible fungus appears just as they're about ready to pick.

    It might be from overcrowding, since it was so packed in there, or possibly too much/not enough water. I wonder if it's related to the weird die off that happened with the pumpkin plants earlier in the summer, too.