Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Soil Ammendments

In the spring, Husband scraped up all the loose hay, muck and manure from around the barn into a big pile.  the critters have been climbing it all summer, especially the billy goats and the calves. Boys, playing king of the castle.

Now that rich, black, composted soil is making it's way over to my garden.  It's a beautiful thing.


  1. ok...do you think it is possible to send some of that beautiful dirt along with my beets and syrop? or do you think it will cost too much - bahahahah!

    we got to our homestead/BOL 10 months ago and have 4 little compost piles that we regularly add kelp to. we just found a source for horse manure and are waiting very impatiently to go and pick it up. i can't wait to get my hands on that stuff!

    i would like to roll around in yours!

  2. lol. You bring the truck. I have shovels. I'll throw in the beets and the syrop and some blueberry sauce, and raspberry sauce, and mint jelly - as soon as you're done cleaning out the barn. Bwahaha!

    If I had it to do over again, I'd start with a smaller garden, and work on getting a little bit of soil growing a little bit of food well, rather than trying to spread a little bit of manure over a lot of crappy soil, and doing all of that work for minimal results.

    Kelp is awesome. Bring some for me when you come for the manure, lol.

  3. for all of that - i'll clean the barn AND the house! and i here you about trying to spread a bit over a bunch of crappy soil...our soil is really heavy and full of clay - but we will amend this year using sand from the beach.

    i'll bring you some sand along with the kelp when i come for that awesome manure!

    thanks my friend!