Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our "New" Truck

We bought this old, '92 Dodge diesel truck this summer.  It's been a work truck it's whole life, but it still has some spunk left in it.

After a bit of body work and some spray paint- thank you tremclad

It looks pretty good, if I do say so myself!
I even covered the windows and stuff this time!

EDIT:  I knew someone would ask, lol.

Ok, so a long time ago we had this van, and it had some scratches on it, and Husband kept saying he was going to fix it, and I kept saying it was going to rust, and two years went by, and I was right.  It started to rust.  So I got fed up and went and bought the factory colour match touch up paint.  I sprayed the rusted spots, and a few other knicks and scratches while husbans was at work.  He was not impressed.

The problem with the colour match paint, is it matches the original colour, not the sun faded, weather beaten colour your car becomes after ten years or so.  We drove around in a spotted van for a couple of years after that.

Then a few years ago we bought this beat up old Ford Ranger- Barney.  It was already rusted up, and it was just a farm truck, didn't spend much time on the road, just hauled manure and firewood.  But I knew from previous experience, if I waited for husband to do the body work there would be nothing left but a bucket of rust.  I also knew that matching paint wouldn't match.

I started with a can of black spray paint.   Most of the rust was on the edges, so I gave the truck a bit of a trim.  That didn't look too bad.  But then there was a bit of rust here, a bit of rust there...  Hmmm.  Mom suggested camouflage.  Ok then.  I bought a variety of greens, cut some pine branches, and went to town.
  A liitle green here, a little black there, cover up the rust, let it dry, start again...

I worked on it a bit at a time, over the course of a couple of weeks.  We used the truck nearly every day, so it was usually an end of the day touch up thing.  And I never covered the windows.  I can't find a picture with it finished. :-(

At any rate- everyone who drives the truck likes to complain about the little bit of over spray on the windshield.  Whiners, the lot of them, lol.

The body work is still not done, but Barney still lives on carting manure.

(Did you know, if you edit a published post it takes the post down?  Hmmm.  Will it now publish as a new post?  Or will it go back where it was?...)


  1. You have my dream truck--Dodge Ram. "[C]overed the windows this time"? LOL Someone told me I did not want to get a Dodge truck. He said you never see them on used car lots, so they were just no good. Another guy said that is because no one ever gets rid of one by trading it in. There is always someone waiting to buy it if the person decides to get rid of it. So, you have a gem. Congratulations! You dress bears and paint trucks?

  2. that's a beautiful addition to the homestead! i love it!

  3. nice job!

    btw, send me an email: i have a few questions regarding your son's bike requirements!


  4. PP- We've talked to dealers about used deisels before as well. There are two issues I've heard of. One- no one ever trades them in, they're worth more through private sales, and two- some of the older models were easy to detach the odometer, so the dealers wouldn't take them because they don't know if it's the true mileage or not.

    Thanks K & J

  5. Hehe. That's cute. At least you tried. :) I've always wanted to doll up my husband's truck, but he doesn't let me. It has scratches and chipped parts, but he doesn't want to repair any of them. Anyway, you did great! Did your husband like it this time?

  6. Clorinda... Hehe. He was, actually, very impressed, until I used the truck to paint the barn. I had all my paint, supplies and ladder in the back of the truck. I drove up beside the barn and painted from inside the truck box. Next year I get to do some touch ups on the truck- to cover up all of my red splotches... Oops. No rust though!