Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Career Change

So how long will it last?  Well, it appears that we are about to find out.  I posted about my Fall Food Storage just the other day.  And then Husband lost his job.

Truck is too old, breaks down too often, unreliable.  That's their reasoning.  He's had to have 2 loads repowered due to breakdowns in the past 4 years.  They've been pushing him to run illegal from the beginning.  Getting our truck paid off reduced a lot of pressure last year.  No more payments, more profit, more time off, and the freedom to say take this load and shove it.

So they were pushing him to buy a new truck.  Because his is soooo  old.  It's an '03, and it hasn't even had any major repairs yet- no engine rebuild, no transmission.  It spends less time in the shop now than it did when it was new, getting the bugs worked out.  They wanted him to buy a new truck so he'd be back in debt, and mre 'agreeable' to those 'iffy' loads. 

We refused.

They fired him.

Isn't that a fine 'how do you do?'

Things are going to be a little tight around here for awhile.  I'm sure he'll be working again before long, but there may be rate changes, along with the waiting period for that first paycheck.  And bye bye health insurance.

So for the moment, no shopping.  Emergency items only.

Need to get the rest of the turkeys and the chickens in the freezer.  That'll reduce the feed bill.  A bull hanging in the garage will reduce our feed bill, too.


  1. Oh, no. Sorry.

    Truck? Like an 18-wheeler? Thankfully, you don't have that debt.

    Did his insurance stop immediately? If not, use it for prescriptions, doctor visits, checkups.... I was fired and had health insurance for another month. I got $250 worth of prescriptions filled, had mammogram, and operation to tune of a total of $20K...all in one month...lol lol. Maybe you can check the end of insurance if you don't know for sure.

    I was very impressed with your last post and studied the
    Harvest 2011" on the right side of the post. You are a prime example of why food storage is good!

    Maybe he will find another job soon. I have my fingers crossed for you all.

  2. Thanks, PP. Yes, Husband drives an 18-wheeler. Yes, slightly more expensive than my house...

    I'm pretty sure the insurance stops immediately, although if we have anything come up in the next few weeks, I'll try it anyway. It's a little different in Canada- hospital and doctors are covered by the government (taxes). We already had the eye glass portion maxed out on the boys, and thankfully, we just finished about 15 dental visits in August, so all cavities are filled. But entering cold and flu season with no prescription coverage is a little bit unsettling.

    It really shouldn't take too long to find A job. Actually, he could have a job already tomorrow. Finding a job that'll get him home regularly, and pay at least as well as the last one- that'll be more difficult.

  3. Any job (low paying) that gets him home regularly might be just the thing to cover this gap right now. Get flu shots. Pneumonia shots cut down on sinus infections length and severity. At least, he can work more on any building projects, wood gathering or such.

    It seems food won't be a problem! My thoughts will be with you all.

  4. Wendy - i am so sorry to hear this. but like PracticalP - i was super-impressed with your food storage and your harvest - thank the Lord for both!

    please keep us updated on the job situation. we have our toes and fingers crossed and will keep you in our daily thoughts and prayers.

    thank you for all of your kind comments over the last few days - they really meant a lot to me.

    your friend,

  5. Thanks PP & Kymber.

    Never heard of pneumonia shots before. I'll have to look into that. The boys and I always seem to have some kind of sinus infection.

    We don't do flu shots. We're not in a high risk category, and when we used to do them, 10 years or so ago, we'd end up sicker than we ever had been before. Haven't been nearly as sick since we stopped getting them either. Knock on wood.

    No, food, thankfully, should not be a problem. Nor heat. The car is paid off, so really, so long as we can keep the mortgage and hydro paid, we should be alright.

  6. That sucks to the nth degree. i am sorry your man got screwed that way.

    hopefully he will get a better job soon, sometimes things work out that way - got my fingers and toes crossed too!

  7. Thanks, Jam. It's looking pretty good so far...