Wednesday, October 19, 2011


About two months ago, after we had a couple of hens hatch a couple of eggs, and the other nesting hens give up and move on to new nests, I went and cleared out all of the old eggs.  I told the boys to start bringing in all of the eggs and not let the girls set anymore.  They need to start putting on some weight to get ready for winter.

We were getting lots of eggs, so I never really thought anything was amiss to that plan.

But then there's the ornery old grey hen, who pecks your hand if you try to take her eggs.  She had other plans.

Last night #4 came in from chores and announced, "One of the chickens has babies!"

I went out to see.  It turns out these two hens were sharing the nest, and they had managed to hatch one egg each.  Two new little chicks.  We moved the lot of them, and all of the eggs, into the brooder in the work shop.  This is really not egg hatching season.  If they survive, these chicks will have a long rough road ahead of them.  But for the moment, they're doing well.


  1. The maternal urge is so strong that it makes me want to cry. How sweet. They have Mamas wings for a refuge. Maybe having just two chicks, the two hens can keep them warm enough. Or, you could let the chicks live inside near the and running.

  2. PP- True. The maternal urge was very strong in these two, and we have had unseasonably warm weather this fall. But winter is coming, and without the extra fat they'll all have a hard time keeping warm.

    I've had chicks in the basement in the spring before, so that doesn't phase me. Moving them back outside when it's -40... Even once they're fully feathered, that'll be a shock to the system. And then they'll be locked up in the coop, where the older chickens will pick on them. Here's hoping their mamas can keep them safe til spring.