Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wonder Mutts

Wonder had her pups on June 4th.  I looked out the window and saw her laying awkwardly in the middle of the lawn while Casper grazed around her.  I went out to deal with him, and heard the soft squeaks of the first three pups.  I have no idea why she decided to have them outside.
I scooped them up and brought them in the house.  She followed after a couple of minutes.  She had the rest of them inside and has been doing a great job with them.  Too great, I think.  The first day she only went out to pee once, for about 2 minutes.  She didn't  eat either.  They seem to be eating constantly, and she is all but skin and bones.  We're giving her extra protein, and I've started adding whey protein to the doggy stew pot.  The problem though, I think, is that she just doesn't want to get up and eat much.

The puppies though, are adorably fat.  There are ten all together.  2 black females, and one black male, with white toes, tips of tails, and patches on their chest.  There is one adorable brown female, with a black nose.  The whites are a strange sight.  They are so much lighter than Ebony's yellow pups, and all of Waldo's pups were black with white patches, (grandparents).  Wonder was supposedly a lab/bouvier cross, although she looks like a hound dog.  Perhaps they'll get super fluffy and turn out more bouvier looking.  Four of them are male, and two female.  I can hardly wait for them to grow and start developing their personalities so I can pick out my keepers.  For now I'll just sit and cuddle the little hamsters, lol.

Fires in our area are all listed as out, under control, or being held.  It's been raining at least a bit every few days, and the woods are greening up nicely now.

Busy in the garden.  Almost everything has sprouted, including every single weed seed out there, I think.  I'll be busy for awhile, trying to keep ahead of them.


  1. Congrats on the puppies! Hope Wonder eats more. Maybe there are some recessive genes in the mix giving you the lighter colored ones.

    1. Thanks! She's doing better now. I looked up bouviers, and it appears to be a less common colour for them.

  2. That is strange she would go outside in the middle of the yard and edure the cow walking about. They are cute. You know we will be expecting daily picture updates? LOL Will she eat more if you put a food and drink bowl really near her head?

    It's great the fires seem less of a threat now.

    Oh my, why do weeds have to be such prolific sprouters? If they were just edible weeds....

    1. I will try to keep you updated, lol. It'll be a bit before they look like anything other than a bunch of hamsters though.

      She's getting up and eating regularly now. And even 'abandons' them to go play outside for a half hour or so at a time.

      Some of them are edible, they just disagree with me about where they're allowed to grow.

  3. those puppies are just gorgeous! i am with Linda and will expect many pic updates. i am glad to hear that the fires are under control - whew!

    your friend,

    1. Yeah! for Puppies! Yeah! for No Fires! Boo! For weeds!
      I love that little brown one but the others are pretty darn cute too...what we can see of 'em. Things are looking quite 'lively' around the old place.

      Keep up the good work!

    2. Thanks, kymber.

      Thanks, herdog. The brown one keeps getting cuter by the minute. She's the boys' favourite so far.