Monday, June 18, 2012

Garden & Turkeys

Mushrooms coming up in the hugelkultur raised bed.  They look almost good enough to eat.  I have no idea what kind they are though, so I will just admire them.

Lots of rain yesterday, and more in the forecast for today and tomorrow.  Lots of new weeds up and growing too.  Oh joy.  But not just the weeds.

Pumpkins in my forest garden are really gaining ground!
And rhubarb is now tall and slender.
Peas are clinging to the fence nicely, and just beginning to flower.
Not growing in the rain, but the turkey poults are happy to have been set free from the turkey shed.
It's been about a week since any have squeezed through the fence dividing the turkey shack in half, so I figure the garden should be mostly safe. Of course they'll find a whole where they can slip under the fence eventually, but that's just to keep me on my toes.


  1. On the inside of my little chicken pen I put rocks and bricks where they were digging. It stopped the crack under the fence from growing. I was not afraid they would eventually tunnel under. But, I figured they were helping the raccoon tunnel under to get them. Now, as part of their security, I have laid a piece of fence under the chain link fence, extending a foot on the inside and two or three feet on the outside. Now, they can no longer dig.

    Maybe rocks or logs along the fence would thwart their crafty little brains and keep them in. The big boys could do would no involve any plucking of peas or potato plants.

    Are you growing rhubarb in buckets or just have not put it into the ground?

    1. The fence was built on uneven ground. We added lots of rocks to the low spots last year, but it's a new year, with many frosts working the surface, so new holes will undoubtedly be found.

      The bucket of rhubarb is what I harvested this morning. I've shown lots of pics of the rhubarb patches in the past.

  2. oh Wendy - we have a bunch of different mushrooms growing here, too, and i just can't seem to find proper information on them?!?!?!? i am hoping that some are edible. i love mushrooms! the garden is looking real good as are the poults! good job buddy!

    your friend,

    1. See if you have any luck finding a mycology society online. I wish there was a group here! Mushrooms can be so dangerous, I don't know whether I would ever trust a field guide!