Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting the Boot

These girls are getting the boot today.
They're almost fully feathered now, and sweltering in the work shop.  It's a small building with no windows that open, so it's been getting pretty hot in there in the afternoons.  They're also starting to fly out of their brooder box now, and cause trouble.  Nothing like walking in and trying to slam the door shut before they try to escape, lol.

I added perennial seed around my transplants yesterday.  Some are doing better than others.

The turkey hen hopped the fence in the garden and attacked greenhouse #1.  It'll be interesting to see what grows where now, since she seemed to have enjoyed a series of dirt baths throughout.  So much for square foot gardening.  Her wings are clipped again, so hopefully she'll be contained for a while.

Sharlotte is nursing off both Dorie and Mindy now.  What does that say?  lol.  She's still the only calf.

The only black fly I saw yesterday bit me on the neck.  Now my throat is all swollen.

Some days I seriously wonder why I got out of bed.


  1. Ouch on the throat! black flies are something I have decided will not be on my bucket list.

    Chicks can really move fast when they are intent on escape! Until I have several surgeries, I don't think I will be swift enough to outmanuever baby chicks. They used to escape their plastic box by the door faster than I could catch them.

    1. Yeah, the black flies really aren't a must have experience, lol.

      They are amazingly fast little buggers, aren't they?