Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Beans in the hugelkultur bed
The garden is coming along nicely now.  Still lots of weeds to pull, but we're making headway.  #3 is assisting with weed pulling for the first time.  #1 & #2 pulled just as many plants as weeds at his age, and with some things, still do.  I'm impressed with his efforts.

The beans in the hugelkultur bed are bigger and healthier looking than their counterparts in the garden.  Not that the garden beans look bad, it's just that obvious that they like the huggie.  Definitely more to come in the future.

The back field is growing weeds nicely.  I've only found one pumpkin so far, and no beans.  I'm going to try a little bag gardening experiment on it.

11 Pumpkins around the apple trees in the forest garden are doing well. I can't find any in the trees. Guess I should have marked a couple for curiosity's sake.
New apple trees are planted. I had eleven bags sprout this year, with several seeds in each. I didn't pinch off any yet. I figure I'll do that in a couple of weeks after they're settled in from the transplant.
Wild roses should be blooming in another day or two.
While the blossoms on the rose bush beside the house opened yesterday.
Puppies are growing in leaps and bounds, losing their hamster like appearance. They're still sleeping most of the time, but also starting to get up on their feet, and wrestling with each other.
Wonder is back to her old self mostly. She's still thin, but she's eating and drinking lots, and once the pups are asleep, she leaves them to join the family.

The chicks have adjusted to their move into the hen house. The turkeys are aching to get outside, but I don't trust them to stay on their side of the fence just yet.

Sharlotte and Shiloh have become best friends. It is so cute to watch them running through the pasture together, although I have to say, neither one of their moms looks impressed by it. Dorie is still huge, and still no new calf. Casper is finally staying on his side of the fence- although I'm not sure if that's because the grass has finally thickened in the pasture so he doesn't care, or if it's because he can't leave. 

And that's pretty much the news here in the north.  Hope all is well with you.


  1. I am certainly no cow expert, but this whole cow problem is something I have never heard of before now. My lilies were replanted so many times after the chickens scratched, pecked and rolled in them. There were bulbs all over the yard!I would hate to have turkeys flouncing around in them.

    1. Yeah, the turkeys make the chickens look tame. They can really dig up an area in no time!