Friday, June 1, 2012

Some Pictures

to make up for yammering on this morning...
This is the front, south side of the perennial bed.  Against the wall there's a bunch of sedum, or possibly roseroot.  a large, velvetty petalled purple flower, a clump of white clover, Lupins, asparagus, and some grassy type of plant.  In the center, more lupins, asparagus, the survivor plant (lilly), English Thyme (hopefully), pennyroyal, lovage, and a little something in the corner that I'm sure I transplanted, but has no stick, and I have no idea what it was.  It's kind of viney like the English Thyme, but a much lighter coloured green.  To the right, some creepy edging type plant with white in the leaves, another lupin.  In front of those, the other mystery plant.  In the front of the picture, along the walkway, there's quite a bit of open space for planting, clover, lupins, lady's mantle, daffodils, clover, and more lupins, and the big daffodil.  It had another plant on each side of it, with thick green grassy leaves.  I think they might be irises.
Close up of center patch.  
The lilacs in full bloom (smells divine), and trying to take over the rose bush.  A small patch of sedums to the right, compost pile to work through to the left.

The back half of the south side.  Yes, the fence is seriously leaning, and yes, the pop cans need to go in to the recycling center.  Along the fence line is where I've been transplanting my herb seedlings; Chinese Lantern, Wild Bergamot, Jacob's Ladder, Calamus, False Indigo.  In front of those; Lady's Mantle, Yellow Bedstraw, Hyssop, Speedwell.  In front of those;  Scullcap, Red Clover, Roseroot, Meadow Clary, Prairie Clover, European Goldenrod, Ellecampane, Maral Root, and a couple of lupins and a strawberry.  But it just looks like a whole lotta dirt.  The chives are in front of that patch, then the walkway, which still isn't finished.  There's a mystery plant almost right under the fence.

And then there's this:
Is this chamomile?  Or fennel, maybe?  Or something else?
My dad bought a patio tomato a couple of years ago, and it came with this stuff and a strawberry in the pot.  I transplanted it at the end of the season for the strawberry.  Now this stuff seems to be springing up everywhere.  When I squish the leaves they kind of smell sweet and familiar, almost minty, but not quite.
The north side of the bed still needs a lot of work.  The mountain mint is tucked in under the lilac, along with some sedums.  Rhubarb patches and the log planters are doing well.  The grass is doing exceptionally well as well.  I may need to dig out the weed whacker.


  1. It all looks good. I can lots of work you put in to make the gardens. Hey, look at my peeling paint where the snake is sitting in my post. You won't even worry about the leaning fence! I got my rhubarb seeds today!

  2. lol. I try to take pictures at an angle so you don't see all the junk and crap lying around. Peeling paint isn't so bad!

  3. Lilacs!!!!!! Could you bottle some of the smell and send my way? My bush just nevers last as long as i want it to. I love lilac. Also love the contrast between the green green grass and the dark soil. Once everything starts to flower your better promise more pics.

    1. It is divine. My flowers are fading now. :(
      I wish they would last all summer!

      I will definitely post more pics through the season. My boys are confused with how much time I'm spending in there, lol.