Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Taste Test

The corned beef.  I cooked two pieces together, one from each bucket.  They had to overlap in the pot when I started.

Afterwards, they both fit on a single plate with room to spare.  A lot of shrinkage.  I forgot to take a picture.

The results so far- the piece from the first bucket was pinking up nicely along the edges, and you could almost tell where I had poked it, as the pink followed through in spots.  It mostly tasted like corned beef, although it was a little heavy on the pepper.  The piece from the second bucket remained a grey colour, right through cooking, and tasted more like very peppery roast beef than corned beef.

So, the rest shall remain in the basement a few more days, awaiting another taste test.


  1. i love corned beef - like love it! and i like the sounds of the stuff from the first bucket better than the second.

    can't wait for results of the next taste test!

    your friend,

  2. LOL...now your beef is looking more appetizing. Did you see the post on my blog about you? I noticed your followers jumped from 12 to 19 that day...lol.

  3. Kymber- Husband and kids feel the same way. I've never been a fan myself, lol.

    PP- Thanks. I just read it this morning. You are too kind.

  4. wendy:

    hat's off to you, you go the extra mile when it comes to adding to your skill set - looks and sounds delicious!!!