Monday, November 21, 2011

Rendering Fat

Before rendering the fat for lard, I went exploring.  Turns out, it's not lard.  It's tallow.  Same purpose, same idea.  Different name.

I followed the basic methodology seen here, Mark's Daily Apple.  With a few changes, of course.  I used all of the fat that I trimmed off the beef, not just the back and kidney fat.  A lot of it was thin and stringy strips.  I cut the larger pieces up, but left the thin bits.  I never shredded it.  I didn't cut the bits of meat off either.  I just spend two days trimming all of the excess fat off my beef, I wasn't about to spend another two days trimming the bits of meat off my fat.  I did the oven method, leaving the roasting pan of fat in the oven at 200°F overnight.  There was a lot of fat, and it took a long time to render.

 In the morning, I drained off the liquid fat.
Then added more trimmings to the roasting pot, and put it back in the oven.
I poured the liquid fat through a strainer, into pint jars.
Now just to wait for it to cool and harden.

I left some headroom, as I was considering freezing it.  Freezer space is at a premium though, with 5 turkeys and all of those roosters left to butcher.  I'll probably just store it in the cold room instead.


  1. Interesting, as usual. How will you use this fat? It seems that big boy should have had gallons. Is two pints the whole of what you rendered? Will you feed the remainder, what was left in the strainer to the hens? They would like bits of it everyday. And, as far as I know it would be good for them and not hurt them. Or, do dogs get it? Your activities are just so interesting. Did any of the boys help with this? I wonder because they seem to be learning all your skills.

  2. PP- Nope, not gallons. He was pretty slender, over all. I am up to 6 pints now. Boys were very helpful with this procedure, lol. They turned the oven off on me twice. They thought I had forgotten it was on. :( Today I'm starting to dispose of the 'cracklings'. They're still pretty fatty, and I could continue rendering them indefinitely at this point, but I'm kind of getting tired of not having easy access to my oven. I gave the chickens and dogs each a ladle full. I'll continue with that each day now until it's all crispy or gone, whichever comes first.