Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Graphic images will follow.

The tenderloin is located on the inside of the carcass, just below the hips. Start at the lower end, on the spine side, and run your knife through til you hit bone. Run the knife up the length of the tenderloin. Insert fingers and lift the meat off the back.

It can be pulled out mostly with your fingers, but you may need to trim a bit around the upper section with your knife. 

You can slice it into steaks, or cube it and use for stir fry.  Or leave it alone, in place, for t-bones!! 


  1. o m g - t e n d e r l o i n !!!

    or as is know in fancy restaurant circles..

    "un filet mignon"

    and yes, i know that t bones contain the tenderloin as well ..

    anyway you slice it, a gorgeous piece of meat!

    my bbq is screaming at me now ;-)

  2. Wendy - we missed Canadian Thanksgiving so are celebrating American Thanksgiving - tomorrow - bahahahaha!

    but i just wanted you to know that we are thankful for all of our internet friends, both old and new, who have taught us, shared their experiences with us and are getting us ready for all of the crazy homesteading things to come. i want you to know that we are thankful for your wisdom and knowledge, your ability to share it and your friendship. thank you Wendy!

    to you and yours on this American Thanksgiving Day - we wish you the best!

    your friends,
    kymber and jamie

  3. Wemdy, How long can you leave him out/hanging before he goes bad? I cannot believe that you are doing this work with your rings on. It seems they might get slippery and fall off or that they would be just another thing to clean once indoors. Will that be as delicious as a pork tenderloin? Yum, at any rate, you still make me hungry.

  4. Jam - lol. Don't let it scream too loud!

    Kymber- have a great feast! We've done american thanksgiving many times in the past. Husband would work Canadian thanksgiving, but he'd almost always have the US thanksgiving off.

    PP- he's not hanging anymore. I am done butchering, just haven't finished posting yet. If he was hanging, he'd be frozen now. Temps dropped to -17°C this week. I only take my rings off when I have black fly bites on my fingers. I'm allergic, and they swell. Personally, I think it's better than pork tenderloin. Delicious!