Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Clearing the Greenhouse

The boys loaded up a trailer full of compost for the greenhouse.

I pulled out the tomato cages, markers, and the remaining plant roots. The turkeys got in under some loose plastic and devoured what was left. No more brussel sprouts. :-( But I am kind of happy that the garden is done for the year. As great as it's been this year, I've been busy with other things and haven't been keeping up with it anyway.  They dumped the trailer inside, and I spread it around with the garden rake.  Ready to grow in the spring.

The Bigs carried my plant stand back inside.  The plastic was damaged by the wind on one of the greenhouse stands.  We draped the plastic from the bean rows over top of the stands for now.  I'll need to trim it a bit in the spring, and tie it down.  Then we did a few minor repairs, added a few staples and fixed a couple of 1X3s that had come loose.  If it holds up through the winter, I should be able to get an even earlier head start on planting next year.

I decided to plant some wild bird seed inside.  Last year I tried sprouting bird seed, which was fine when I remembered to rinse the seed two or three times a day.  As often as not though, I'd forget to rinse, and it would get all dried out and die.  I'm hoping this method works a little better.  I started four trays, on the sunroom greenhouse stand.  I plan to rotate the trays through the chicken coop, then back into the house start another batch.  I need to get a couple of buckets of compost brought in the house for this project, and starting seeds in the spring.


  1. I am going to sprout pintos and kidney beans for my hens--free to me. What kind of birdseed do you sprout for the hens?
    So much more would get done around here if I had four boys!

  2. great job Wendy. we, too are getting all of our beds ready for next spring. aerate them, add kelp, compost and horse manure and straw. hopefully that will make for some nice delicious soil next spring.

    your friend,

  3. PP- It was just wild bird seed, cheap. It's working out ok, except my cat likes to crawl into the bins and lay on it. I'm going to take a peak and see if there's any grass seed left available next time I'm in town. The wild seed has different rates of germination. Grass seed would be more uniform for winter growing, I think.

    Kymber- How do you aerate your beds, and how deep do you go? I thought about aerating the greenhouse, but couldn't think of a way to do it in such a small, confined space, short of driving nails into the ground repeatedly.