Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feeding Time

With our wonky weather this year, and serious lack of snow, we are entering December and still mostly taking the hay bales out to the pasture. It's getting harder though, not being able to see rocks and stumps, and the ground's not frozen, so there are a lot of ruts.

We tried out the hay feeder a few times now. It works, mostly. Oscar can climb over the top. Billy goats are a pain, lol. But with all of the ruts around the barn, it makes it hard to walk carrying bales. We need some snow to fill in the pot holes.
Mindy & Dorie
And some way to convince these guys that the hay tastes just as good in the feeder as on the ground. So, please, get out of the way.
Toothless and Casper, butt to butt, Nelly behind, Tori watching Husband in the yard
Toothless is weaned now, and growing well. He needs to put on a few pounds to keep everyone else from pushing him around. He is sprouting some little horns though, so it shouldn't be too long before he gives them hell. He's still a big baby with us though.

Toothless and Nelly are serving double duty as the chicken coop heaters this year. It's easier to lead them in, and less likely to cause trouble. And this way I know that Toothless will get enough to eat without being pushed around too much. Nanner invited herself in one night, but then decided it wasn't cold enough outside yet to be trapped inside. If the two of them don't give off enough body heat to keep the pump from freezing, we'll have to start rounding up the goats. I don't think old faithful is going to work this year. Casper isn't quite weaned yet, and I don't think Dorie will be willing to not rip the building down if he calls to her in the middle of the night.  Unless I get desperate, I think she'll remain outside this winter.


  1. I am intrigued at how you keep the chickens warm! I just love your animal tales.