Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Harvest Monday

We went away for a few days again, just Husband, #3 and #4 this time. When I got home the cukes were waiting for me.
Lots of pickling cucumbers, and 4 lovely Marketmores.  There will be more Marketmores in a day or two.  They're really coming along nicely now, and I really like the flavour and texture.

 I picked a handful of peppers off the plant I thought was the Medusa (sweet green peppers that grow like jalapenos), and a couple off another plant.  It looks like they may both be Medusas, no bite at all from the second batch.  They're definitely a keeper, and I'll be saving seed from them, despite that they may have cross pollinated from the hot peppers.  I'll look for Medusa seed when I order next year as well.  It's nice to have a green pepper that actually produces around here.

One big tomato from the greenhouse, 2 little ones from the perennial bed.  Tomato season may be upon us!  I'm pinching off flowers and suckers ruthlessly now.

I also started deheading squash flowers last week, and came home to find this one had doubled in size.  I have an overwhelming desire to pick it now, but it's still so green.  It's the biggest squash I've ever grown!
 I soaked the cukes for dill pickles (found dill in the grocery store last week), then went out to pick the yellow beans.  #2 had picked some while I was gone, but I thought he must have missed some, since there were only a couple of inches in the bucket.  I didn't find too many more, ending up with just enough for supper and one bag for the freezer.  Afterwards he told me he had picked a full 5 gallon pail- he just ate them all, lol.

I pulled a few northern (dry) bean plants that were starting to topple over and turn yellow.  I think the yield there will be quite good as well, about a pound from just a few plants.

Mom gave me a bag of cucumbers last night, so today I think I'll try a batch of dill pickle relish.

Last week's Cream of Celery soup took a bit longer than expected, but didn't break the rules after all.  The recipe called for chicken stock, rather than milk and flour for the base, so I had to cook a turkey, then make stock, then make the cream of celery soup.  This one will definitely be a winter canning project in the future.  It's nice to have a few jars sitting on the shelf right now though, ready to make Balogna Rolls with all of those beans at a moment's notice!

And one huge fail, just before we headed south.  The freezer in the hallway came unplugged, and no one noticed until it was too late.  Luckily it wasn't even half full, but sadly it did have the last of my roast beefs and corned beefs in it.  I've been cooking it up in my biggest stock pot for dog food, so I can package it in smaller portions.  At least it's not a total loss, but it makes me mad at myself for rationing out those roasts rather than eating them all. :(


  1. Did your son eat the five-gallons of beans raw?

    That is sad about the freezer and the roasts. So, the dogs eat well? Can you have your husband or someone make a contraption that holds the plug into the socket,no matter who runs into it. I assume a boy or dog hit it. Of course, it would have to be capable of actually being unplugged, just not being knocked out.

    1. Yup. We call #2 'the rabbit'. He likes his veggies.

      Yeah, the dogs won't be complaining for awhile. Husband was supposed to put a plug in beside the freezer about a year ago, so it wouldn't have to be on an extension cord, up over the door frame and around the corner to the plug. I can't see a contraption getting built any faster. :(

  2. Oh Man, That is one of my nightmares. While I do have lots canned, I still have a ton in my freezer. Albacore, Salmon, chicken, beef and pork and lots of vegi's and berries. I told hubby we're playing with fire not having a generator back-up for it. If the SHTF I'll be canning my tush off.

    #3's a kid after my own heart. Not too many green beans have made it into my house. But I think he's got one up on me as far as 5 gallons! What a KID!

    What type of squash is that? My kobacha (japanese pumpkin) plants are going to town but I still can't bring myself to stop the growth of more little guys. These kobacha make the BEST pumpkin pies ever. Even my brother is growing them just for that reason. I think thats the first time he's ever listened to me. haa haa

    I've got to hand it to you for cooking a turkey, to make some stock, to make some soup. You rock!

    1. I'm just thankful I know how to do it if the SHTF. We'll all be out canning our tushes off, lol.

      It seems I did a really bad job of keeping track of things once I got into the garden in the spring. I did note what I planted in the back field, so I think the greenhouse has Green Hubbard (which means it's going to stay green, lol). So now I'm debating whether to pick it or not. It is probably 'done', but will it keep if I pick it now? We seem to be having a second round of summer, so it's probably best if I let it grow until the overnight temps start dropping again.

      And all because I already bought the celery... Craziness...

  3. I would love to have your energy (again :-) I just came in from pinching more suckers of the tomatoes, and I'm done. If I had canning to do on top of that I think I'd cry. lol Well done!

    1. Thanks, Sue. Some days are better than others, lol. It was good to be busy after a few days off. The next day, I think I slept late and dragged my butt a bit, lol.

  4. Share the celery soup recipe...I've managed to put up what seems to be a zillion yellow beans and the plants won't die ;) but bologna is on sale at Basics this week so lots of rolls for winter.
    You should have taken some meats with you when you went back home I'm picking everyday and canned up another 14 quarts Wednesday.
    My squash seems so puny versus yours..what are you feeding it? kids?lol

    1. Cream of Celery Soup link

      It tastes a bit more chicken(turkey for me) soupy, but pretty good.

      Everyday!!! Oh my! I have a 5th tomato in the greenhouse that I should be able to pick today, lol. I'm a long ways off from canning any of them. Actually, I'm stealing them from the neighbour's to keep me in tomato sandwiches, lol.

      Hmmm... A nice load of composted manure in the spring, followed by companion planting squash, beans, corn and radishes. I think it mostly just likes the heat though. It's crazy in the greenhouse, the ones outside are just tiny, and just starting to produce.