Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Class

The Bigs are both in for the one-stop weekend PAL and Hunter Ed course.

 They both passed the PAL today. Hunter Ed tomorrow. Awesome.


  1. oh soooo awesome Wendy!!! how many are they allowed? here, jambaloney is allowed one moose, one deer, and a variety of small game. if you got 2 boys, you, and your hubby - you could potentially be rolllllling in the meat. oh good on them! and good on you honey!

    fill the freezer, the dehydrator and smoke some of that meat - you'll have enough for 2 yrs. oh wicked awesome! your friend,

    1. Thanks, kymber. One calf moose, draw for bulls and cows, and a variety of small game. One bear, with the option to buy another tag if you fill it. I'm not sure what the deer regulations are here, populations are very low. If we hunt deer, we'll go down south to where we used to live and the deer are a pest to the farmers. Additional tags are available, I think up to 6.

      Well, we'll see how it goes. If we could fill the freezer it would be awesome.

  2. Wendy,
    Tell the boys I said, "Congratulations" and "Good job." So, what is PAL? Teaching them to dress all this should be a great acomplishment, knowing they can take care of themselves and you and your husband. The little ones must be chomping at the bit to earn there certificates.

    1. Thanks, Linda. PAL is Possession Aquisition Licence, required to own or buy non-restricted firearms.

      #2 has been hands on in my butcher shop since the first pig. #1 helps out where he can.