Thursday, August 30, 2012


While out picking comfrey and plantain yesterday, I noticed that the lone sunflower outside had opened.
And Mr. Bumbles was busy pollinating it.

Our weather has really been fantastic this year.  There's no doubt that the garden has been the best ever, but this beauty really takes the cake.  It's the first sunflower I've managed to grow OUTSIDE in the north that's actually flowered.  It's only 3 feet high, and sadly, probably won't have time to develop seed, but I just love that happy yellow flower!


  1. It's beautiful! Can you put four stakes around it and build it a shelter? Since it actually got this big, having its seeds would be a coup.

  2. Correction. The first to grow OUTSIDE in the north...

    I'll be saving seed from the ones in the greenhouse.

  3. I love sunflowers and was going to plant some this year...but that plan fell to the wayside. Next year!

    What a happy flower to see everyday!

  4. Just a little note--in the South it is shameful to plant sunflowers in the front yard. They are considered a backyard flower. I know it's weird. Next year, I should plant the whole front yard full. But, the front yard is in full shade from 9 am on to evening.

    Okay, the only outdoor sunflower you grew. I see now.

    1. lol. City folk have such strange ideas about what to plant where. Just look at all of these gardeners who have to go to court and change city ordinances just to grow their veggies.

      I edited the post. It wasn't there before.