Friday, February 3, 2012

Some Winter Pics for my Southern Friends

Who've forgotten what snow looks like.  A balmy -7°C today.  High of -4°C is forecast for the week, and a low of -14°C.

The view from the end of the drive, facing the road.  This pic is roughly the same spot, less than two months ago.

The front yard, aka the flower bed, from the driveway.  The little branches sticking up out of the snow are my lilacs.

Care to go for a drive?

This is my camouflage pick up- the one we use for firewood and manure.  It takes a winter break every year.

 Want to play on the swings?

Don't forget the shovel!

Here's our sunroom wood pile. It looks pretty full still, because the fall was pretty mild, and we weren't burning much before the snow and colder temperatures. The front row is frozen in place. If you can see in behind, there's a lovely little firewood fort the kids have created by crawling in over top of the front row to get wood.

And here's the basement wood shed.  There will be some work getting this refilled this summer.  A little less than half gone, so far.  The milder temps mean more moisture in the air, which feels colder.

Looking toward the pasture drive, and into the pasture, from the road. 

Nelly, up to her knees by the goat fence, Mindy at the corner.  This is 'just off the beaten path', where the critters have been milling about, packing the snow down.

 Ice hanging off the house. We have to knock it down several times a year,
because the weight of it damages the eaves and edges.

Ready to start gardening and raising turkeys?


Maybe I'll just knock the snow off the roofs of the greenhouse. (Weight, again).

And go inside, and dream of spring.

Tomato seedlings are cruising right along.

Welcome to my winter wonderland.  I don't care if Willy saw the sun.  There's no way that's all going to melt in less than six weeks.  And milder temps always mean MORE SNOW.  So I will continue in my life as a hermit.  It'll be gone by May, right?


  1. Thanks for braving the freezing(?) cold temps just for me...your snow looks absolutely beautiful much better than my mud filled yard :)

    1. Mud? You have mud? That's so unfair! lol It was a beautiful sun-shiney day for a walk.

  2. bahahahahahahahahah! i want to say more but all i can come up with is bahahahahahah!

    your friend (still laughing!),

    1. that's so mean, lol. You'd think, someone from Ottawa, would understand my misery. The island has changed you.

    2. are soooo right. bahahahahahahah!

  3. Forgot what snow is like? Hmmmph, I forgot what gloves are for. I have been wearing sandals since fall, only wearing shoes for a week during some temp below freezing and then only because I was trying to get the sniffles. I think I have not worn my gloves in five weeks! Yesterday, a daffodil blossomed. Those are really picturesque scenes. No mud, no tracks, just fresh, white snow. The low is supposed to be 50 F. This weather saves on my electric heat, something that will help my economy a bit, just a bit. The hens have started laying since it is so warm with food used for egg production instead of keeping them warm.

    Hey, Wendy, what do your chickens do in weather like this?

    1. Aren't you supposed to avoid getting the sniffles? Sandals in January. Wow.

      My chickens hide in the hen house, lol. We're still getting about 2 eggs a day, along with a goose egg every few days.

    2. I reread what I wrote. I meant that since I was getting the sniffles I was wearing sandals to try to avoid being ill. I wrote that while I was sleep-deprived and it did not come out Thanks for the question, otherwise, I would have let it stand.

      Do the chickens choose to stay in or is there a choice involved in hiding? Mine hated even three inches of snow. I had to carry them in my arms. Of course, I only had three hens to carry like babies.

    3. I still don't understand. Do you mean instead of going barefoot?

      It depends on the weather. We leave the door open when it's -10°C or warmer. The geese, ducks, and turkeys like to go out in the snow. Occasionally a rooster or two will go out, but mostly they huddle inside. If it's colder than that we keep them locked up, to keep the water pump from freezing.

  4. Oh Burrrrrrrrrrr! It sure is beautiful BUT you can have it. Not a snow person here. Took the dogs for a walk on the beach today here in Sunny (70'sF) Northern California. Thank you for sharing your pics with us. Stay Warm!

    1. I drove by a couple of lakes last week. There are open spots on the water, and visibly week spots on the ice. Another sign of a mild winter- the ice fishing sucks, lol.

    2. Ice fishing! Now these is something I'd brave the cold for. I love love love fishing. Our fishing (ocean) season is pretty much closed here so we'll have to wait for April to wet our sinkers. Should I hope for colder winter for you so you can go ice fishing? Don't know if the chickens & cattle would be happy about that. hee hee hee Have a great weekend!

    3. No, no, thank you. I'm a happy hermit, lol. #1 was invited to go with some friends last week, but we vetoed that plan, due to thin ice and lots of accident reports this year. One of the boys who did go went through up to his knee right beside the hole. Scary stuff. He was fine, but I'm glad #1 was home safe and sound!