Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pay Backs?

Is this my punishment for waking her up?
The boys got on the bus yesterday morning, then sent me a message to check the pasture. Their bus driver had seen a lot of 'traffic' at the neighbour's place. Tracks, packed snow, and piles of poop. She was wondering who broke out.

So I went to take a look, and there was Tori, halfway through the man gate, munching hay out of the lean-to. The gate's been snapped in half. The snow around the lean-to is well packed down, and a couple of piles of poop left in the yard, evidence of late night party animals.  Only on a full moon.

The cows were in the barn, and Knightmare was in the pasture, so I shooed Tori back in and went to get some wood.

The wood pile is frozen.  I dragged a skid over from the lean-to for a temporary fix.  There's nothing to nail it to on the barn side, so I tied it into place with some baler twine.  Hopefully this will hold until the weekend.
But then I got to thinking...That's pretty odd.  Never before have my party animals broken out, and then put themselves back to bed.  When my critters break out, they make me go round them up at the neighbour's.  They had plenty of fresh hay and water, believe me, there is nothing greener on the other side of the fence.  The only reason for a breakout at the moment, would be to find some spring lovin'.  And then they definitely would not be back where they belong by morning.

No answer at the neighbour's place, and I hope everything's ok.  A lot of trampling, and some hay ripped apart, but no critters appear to be loose there either.  I'm thinking somewhere up the road, someone's critters were out rampaging the neighbourhood.  And for a change, I don't think they were mine!


  1. I remember all the chasing and rounding up of animals you have done in the past. So, keep us posted on the party animals, whoever they are.

    1. It's been confirmed. The neighbour's electric fence went down & their horses made a bid for freedom. My gate was collateral damage of late night visitors.

  2. So, now your animals are exempt from blame. Were the horses trying to get in to one of your horses? Or, were they just springing your animals? Do you think the spring lovin happened? Hopefully, the neighbor has good stock if they were looking for love in your barn.

    Do horses keep testing the fence in hopes of a power failure?

    1. Probably mine were trying to get out and act territorial. Possibly a little of both. My guess is that they hadn't realized the gate was broken yet when the visitors left. Nope, no spring lovin'. She keeps her stallions in stalls in the barn.

      I haven't actually seen any critter test a fence more than once. Once they know what it is, they tend to stay clear. If something touches the line, like long grass, branches, deep snow, etc, it weakens the zap, or kind of shorts it out. In this case it was deep snow, and the horses just walked over a low spot.