Monday, February 7, 2011

New Arrivals

Just the other day I read another post in blog land about new kids being born on the farm.  They've been popping up all over the place in the US.  And I thought to myself, that despite her huge width, Mama was not having any part of that.  She wasn't bagging up, filling with milk.  She was just going to stay fat for another month or two, and soak up all the individual attention of being warm and coddled in the chicken coop.  And then, this morning...

What to my wondering eyes should appear?
No miniature sleigh, no tiny reindeer...
Just Mama, her belly still fat and wide,
With two tiny kids standing there by her side!

They're clean, but still wet.  I picked them each up for a quick look, and I think they're both girls.  No guarantees though- I didn't want to keep them up away from Mama too long, since it's a bitter -20°C this morning. 

Once again, she did it all on her own.  Last year I wasn't even home when she kidded, so I'm not really sure how long it took her to slim down and clean herself up.  At the moment she still has afterbirth hanging, and these kids look smaller than Chance and Choice were, so I'm wondering if maybe she might not be done.  Could we possibly have a third on the way?  I'm so excited! 

And red, like Mama.  Still not the traditional Boer pattern for markings, but red and white none the less.
So cute!

#1 is at school, so he won't even know about his new arrivals for hours!  I want to call him and tell him.  How weird would that be?  "Yes, could you just get a message to my son?  Tell him Mama had two kids this morning..."  lol. 

What do you think?  Are the new kids as big as their older siblings were?

That was how I found her last year.  Slimmed down significantly, and everyone clean and dry. 

I'll be checking on them in a couple of hours.  It's hard not to stay out there all day and drive her crazy.  I'll have to contain myself to regular check ups!


  1. Okay, I had smaller babies after the first, and I was not so slim either...LOL.

    They are so cute. No, they don't look as large as the first ones, and no, she does not look as slim.

    Love the poem!

  2. Lol. Me too, I guess. I guess she was done after all. There were no more arrivals yesterday, and she is starting to slim down now. Thanks!