Saturday, February 5, 2011

Checking In

A quiet, sunny day on the farm.  A nice day for a walk and a visit.

Nellie, trying to keep out of the glaring sun.

Mindy's looking a little plump.  I'd guess a month or two behind Mama though.  This will be her first kid.  Mindy sharing a treat with her.  Also looking nice and plump, except that's all beef.  We'll see about getting her bred this year.

Tori is pretty lonely these days.  The goats and cows just aren't the same as having other horses around.

Mindy again.

There's a nicer view.  Nellie looks so tiny next to Mindy.  She's really gotten big.

Lucky soaking up some sunshine in the kitchen.  He's gotten used to the flea collar, and seems to be flea free now.  I think the worst is over.

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