Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Introducing Rocky and Bullwinkle

#1 Came home from school, and went to inspect the new arrivals.  He talked to Mama and looked the kids over, and laughed at us, as we told him our opinions, that we both agreed they were both the same, I thought they were girls and #2 thought they were boys.  He said it was one of each from the size alone.  Then he scooped up the boy, cradled him in his arms and peeked underneath.  "Billy".  I was pretty smug, then, as I was right.

Then he scooped up the girl and peeked underneath.  "Nanny".

#2 says, "How the hell?  They're both the same!"

So #1 flips the little nanny on her side and shows us two tiny little teets.  The girl has an udder.  Go figure.  We were looking for a penis.  Or testicles.  Now we know the secret of how #1 always figures out what's what.  He's a boob man.  (Of course, I don't think to snap a picture of that...)

Later on, I'm throwing names at him...

Gypsy and Jasper.  "Maybe."  He liked Jasper for the girl.

Ziggy and Zoey.  "No."

Dusty and Daisy.  "Hmmm."

#2 asks what I'm talking about.  Names, of course, we need names.  He rattles off a few oddballs.  No, they need to go together.  You know, like...  Patches and Pudge...  Choice and Chance...  Mindy and Maddie...  Rocky and Bullwinkle...

#1 bursts out laughing.  It was supposed to be funny.  But he says that's it!  Rocky and Bullwinkle.  He likes it.  The billy will be Bullwinkle, and the nanny will be Rocky.  And Mom's naming system takes a new turn...  I think, since he's taken this turn, that all of our 2011 kids should be named after cartoons.

Maybe all of the babies.  I'll have to think on it a while.  I get to name my calf, if all goes well.  I have a few months to decide.
Rocky has some interesting markings.  Black stripe down her back, black feet.
Bullwinkle looks like a tiny spotted calf.
Mama is looking much slimmer today, less oozy, more relaxed.
Proud papa? Oscar
Oscar snuck in to the chicken coop while we were watering the cows and Tori.  He was much more interested in all that hay we had dragged in for the girls than in checking out his kids.  He seemed rather insulted when we politely asked him to leave. 

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  1. Okay, this anatomy lesson is my "something new I learned today" thing. LOL