Monday, February 7, 2011

Checking In

Still only two, still bulging, and afterbirth still hanging from her rear end, though not as chunky as before. 

#2 checked the little ones out this time.  He thinks they're boys, although he admits he doesn't see a penis either.  We're good farmers you see.  We'll just keep everything around for awhile, and see if it lays an egg.  Oh, right.  They aren't chickens!  They are mostly dry now.  #1 will know.  He's good with stuff like that.

Everybody else was milling around the doorway.  I think Dorie filled them all in on last night's activities.

I don't think she got enough sleep last night.  She looks tired.

It's not often that Mindy looks more lively than Dorie, but today is definitely one of those days.  She was much more cow-like today.  Yesterday she was butting #2 while he did chores. 

You see, Nellie STILL thinks she's a goat, even though she's accepted the cows as part of her family, and outgrown Mama.  She's been trying to convince Mindy and Dorie that they're goats too.  Just bigger ones.  Dorie's not falling for it.  She came in to meet her new siblings, and act as the day time heater.

Nanner's looking extra plump today, too.  She's tricked me before, but I do believe she is bagging up. 
We'll attempt to keep her in the coop for awhile and see if there are any changes.  It's harder with her.  Being older, smaller, and more stubborn, she pretty much goes where she pleases.  Which could be dangerous, since as a pygmy, she's the most likely to need help.
Lucy is not nearly as well rounded as Mama was, or as Nanner appears to be.  I think we'll have quite a while before she's ready to kid.  We might even have to wait until spring.

Choice, of course, won't be kidding this year.  She wasn't going to stay outside and not meet her new siblings either though. 

Tori really wasn't impressed with the idea of more goats, but she hung around anyway, 'cause, you know, there might be treats.  There SHOULD be treats.  She was not impressed that I am all kid crazy and dared to go outside without at least one carrot.  I promised to bring her some in a couple of hours.

And the white fluffy horns?  I guess I should take a proper picture of our proud papa on my next trip.  He's being neglected here, you see.  He wasn't even allowed in to see his own offspring, and he agrees with Tori.   There SHOULD be treats.

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