Tuesday, June 3, 2014


The new girls have adjusted to a life of leisure with ease.  They're laying an average of four eggs per day, which is better than I expected of them.
I figured they'd be older and not laying so well, but they nearly filled the incubator in a week, and they're providing breakfast once a week.  The chanteclers cleaned right up, and although they're more timid than the other girls, they're doing fine.  The nearly bald little red hen has a mess of new quills across her back and should be looking lovely in another week.

The turkey pen is even starting to sprout some greenery, other than the raspberries, which it seems, will be back in full force this summer.
 My little goslings are growing like bad weeds and almost completely feathered.  They still follow me and 'talk' to me.  They tell me every morning that they want to go out and play in the garden.  They've been banished since the peas sprouted, and are not happy about it.

Gackle is still trying to raise her own brood, averaging 5 eggs per week.  She's getting kind of vicious when we try to take her eggs now.  She bit #3 and made his finger bleed.  I laughed at him.  Not nice, I know, but wait for her to go for a walk!

The roosters aren't fighting so much now.  One seems to be the boss now, while the other mostly hangs with the chanteclers. No blood or serious injuries.

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