Monday, June 23, 2014


On June 20th. :(
My beans are frazzled.

Radishes are a little damaged, but they'll recover.  Everything else looks ok.

Mom's beans, right next door, are fine.


I was wondering if it might be because the pond is close to my garden.  Husband thinks it's because Mom has some trees close to her garden.  Mom's yard is also on a slope and there's about a three foot drop maybe fifty yards away.

I need more greenhouses.


  1. Hmmm, and it is so hot down here, even at night! Will your beans recover? When my 94-yr-old neighbor decided her beans were going to get too much cold air, she cut off the tops of milk jugs she saved all year long and pushed/screwed them into the soil around the beans.

    One day, I stopped to see her before pulling into my own driveway. She had a knife with a foot long blade and she was cutting on milk jugs with sweat poring. She asked me to help her put the jugs over the bean plants. I had freshly done nails, white shoes and long white dress on. I helped her and came home just destroyed. But, her beans were okay. She bragged to the guys in Sunday school class after they complained about bean loss to frost. Of course, they all planted too early, competing with each other over who could pick beans the earliest.

    Microclimates are a mystery some days. Yes, you do need more greenhouses!

    1. No, recovery is unlikely. I'll leave them in, just in case, but they're just stems sticking out of the ground now.

      There were no frost warnings, and the temp. was not expected to drop so low (+2°C). Technically, we are in the 'frost free' zone, but you never know around here. Planting them under a roof (and almost everything else) would increase the odds of a successful gardening season every year.